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How do you prepare to go to the mountains?

 How do you prepare to go to the mountains?

Vacations aren't about the beach and the sea breeze. Many people decide to go to the mountains, which is an excellent form of active rest. How do you prepare for a trip to the top of a mountain? What to consider and what are the essential equipment for any traveler?

Good physical condition is essential

Planning to go to the mountains without preparing in advance in terms of physical form is a complete mistake. Mountain tours take an incredible amount of energy from the participants and require a very good level of fitness - so it's a good idea to visit the gym before the

 season to condition your muscles for the weather. next effort. But no one said you should go for exhausting strength training. Regular cardio sessions, in the form of walking uphill or climbing stairs, are sufficient. They will allow you to ensure that your neuromuscular system is well prepared to take on the hills when you are trying to reach the top.

Regular weather analysis

A trip to the mountains is inseparable from good weather. Severe weather is not conducive to a trip to the top of the mountains - both the rain and the abundance of sunshine present a huge challenge for the participants. Although it is difficult to predict the behavior of nature, especially in the mountains, it is advisable to regularly monitor the current weather conditions. If the weather is bad, it is good not to go out and wait for a better time.

Make sure you have the right clothes and equipment

The changing weather conditions in the mountains require proper preparation, especially with regard to clothing. The best solution is to wear layers of clothing - they allow you to quickly adapt to the prevailing weather. Olimp Sport Nutrition's professional training

 clothing, made of high-quality materials, is a good choice. The fabrics are elastic, hypoallergenic and limit the accumulation of perspiration, ensuring good breathability of the skin. The offer includes different types of clothing that can be chosen according to your needs.

Also, it is worth paying attention to shoes and socks. A long journey requires good foot rest, which reduces the risk of inconveniences along the way, such as traumatic cuts. In addition, mountain boots should provide optimal protection for your feet and ankles, which are particularly prone to injury due to the instability of the ground.

Plan your trip carefully

Getting the right equipment is one thing, but the track itself requires good preparation. Before leaving, it is advisable to get acquainted with the surroundings and carefully study the maps. On the Web you can read reviews and guides from experienced hikers, who will

 tell you about the important details of the expedition. Also, it is good to go to the mountains with people who have at least a few treks under their belt - this is another guarantee of a safe trip. In the event of obstacles or problems, they know better what to do and can keep the head calm, because it is not recommended to panic on a mountain pass.


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