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How do you prepare for a camping trip?

 How do you prepare for a camping trip?

Don't have ideas for a vacation? A nature trip outside the city is always a great option! During the summer, take a break away from the hustle and bustle of the city and go somewhere quiet, like a forest. How do you prepare for a camping trip? What should you not forget during your vacation?

Go camping - tent and other things at night

Not everyone has access to a rickshaw, and spending the night in a regular car is a bad idea. So a camping trip is closely related to spending the night in a tent. First of all, the size of the tent should be adapted to the number of people you want to accommodate. It is also worth equipping yourself with equipment with a double-resistant roof, which will prevent the

 interior from getting wet in case of bad weather. The mosquito net will ward off unwanted guests such as mosquitoes, flies and other insects. Before leaving, it is important to check the condition of the tent, in particular its water resistance, components and cleanliness. It is good to set up the tent a few days before leaving for

Before you go camping, it is helpful to have other essential accessories ready to ensure a restful night in the tent. These include in particular:

  1. Pillow
  2. A sleeping bag, the thickness of which must adapt to the season.
  3. A sleeping rug, which will serve as the first layer of thermal insulation.
  4. Inflatable mattress for a soft base for the body while sleeping.
  5. Also, don't forget to pack enough clothes. Clothing should be chosen according to weather conditions, especially on cold nights.

Go camping - kitchen accessories

Going camping for several days requires proper preparation in terms of food and meal prep materials. Instead of disposable accessories, it is worth choosing reusable tourist items. A tourist stove is necessary to heat food and water for hot drinks. Remember that camping

 conditions are very limited, so it's best to bet on simple, satisfying meals. As a sweet dessert, you can choose the Olimp Protein Bar or the Olimp Protein Snack. With its just the right size and healthy ingredients, it's worth throwing in your backpack.

Hygiene and health

It is important to take care of your health while traveling. Your first aid kit should contain basic pharmaceuticals in the form of pain relievers and other necessary medicines (eg antiallergics and antiemetics). It's also a good idea to include mosquito and tick repellent products, as well as sunscreen if the sun is strong.

You will also need toiletries and accessories to keep yourself clean. So it's a good idea to carry toilet paper, sanitizing gel, quick-drying towel, and all-purpose wet wipes.

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