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How do you improve the appearance of your skin?

 How do you improve the appearance of your skin?

Pimples, hyperpigmentation, excess oil or dryness, visible dryness, loss of firmness and elasticity are just some of the conditions that can make your skin and body look worse. How can you improve its appearance? Are there effective ways to deal with these issues?

What could be the cause of poor skin appearance?

The starting point for improving the appearance of the skin is to find the suspected cause of the problem. Although it may seem that in most cases the cause is improper care and poorly selected cosmetics, in reality the problem can develop on several other levels. One of them is stress, which leads to a weakening of the natural immunity and increased susceptibility to

 various infections caused by microorganisms. Also, high levels of stress are closely related to free radicals. These in turn intensify the body's aging processes, including skin aging.


The next point is of course the food. The old saying that you are exactly what you eat is reflected in our appearance. Processed foods (that is, those that are high in preservatives, unhealthy fats, salt, and sugar) have a negative impact on the proper functioning of the metabolism, which can lead to many unsightly outcomes such as buttons. Another problem

 is healthy products (eg eggs, dairy, nuts, and soy), which often cause allergic reactions. People with allergies often face the problem of a rash or discoloration that appears soon after eating a particular food. It is not surprising that we end up mentioning a file

Abnormal skin problems are also a common result of hormonal imbalance. Although the menstrual cycle and its associated fluctuations come to mind first, there are actually a number of other causes of hormonal imbalance, such as lack of sleep, poor diet, metabolic diseases or oral contraceptive use.

What are the ways to improve the appearance of your skin?

  • There are a number of great ways to improve the appearance of your skin that anyone can do and they are not difficult. Here are some effective ways to take care of your body and restore it!

  • Follow basic hygiene rules - do not dry your face with a towel, change your pillowcase often, sanitize your smartphone regularly, and wash your face only after rinsing your hair
  • Ensure a healthy and balanced diet - Avoid processed foods and medications, and consume nutrients with valuable effects on the skin and immunity (such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, biotin, horsetail, vitamins A, C, B6 and E).
  • Be careful with the cosmetics and makeup tools you use - avoid products with large amounts of chemical ingredients, remove makeup thoroughly, wash brushes frequently, and use wooden spoons for jar products.
  • Maintain an optimal level of hydration and avoid excessive thirst.


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