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How do you eat when you catch a cold?

 How do you eat when you catch a cold?

As autumn approaches, with changing temperatures and increased precipitation, our bodies are put to the test. It is not difficult to catch an infection, which can take you away from your daily life for a while. However, you should know that a proper and balanced diet during illness can help fight it. Learn how to eat when you have a cold.

How do you eat when you catch a cold? Vitamin C

One of the greatest allies of immunity is, of course, ascorbic acid - the well-known vitamin C. It is this particular vitamin that supports the protection of cells from the harmful effects of oxidative stress and helps fight oxygen free radicals.


How to provide the body with the right amount of ascorbic acid? It is worth choosing fresh fruits (for example, cranberries, blueberries, black currants, coriander or wild rose) and vegetables (for example, pepper and parsley). And if that's not enough, ask Olimp Sport Nutrition for extra support in the form of high-quality nutritional supplements. Vita-Min

 Multi Sport capsules provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals with the addition of valuable plant extracts in precisely defined portions in a simple and convenient way. The materials used in the production were subjected to the necessary microbiological analysis for purity, which confirms the absence of any contamination in the form of dangerous heavy metals.

How do you eat when you catch a cold? garlic

When it comes to a diet to support the body during colds, the main thing that should not be forgotten is garlic - a small plant that provides many benefits during any infection. Allicin contained in garlic is a very valuable remedy against various microorganisms (especially fungi, bacteria and some viruses), but not only. According to experts, garlic is also beneficial in regulating blood pressure, lowering blood sugar levels, and supporting immunity in general.

However, the taste and aroma of garlic is not suitable for everyone. That's why scientists from the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories prepared Garlicin. These convenient and easy-to-swallow capsules allow you to enrich your daily diet with high-quality garlic extract (2% allicin content!). The biggest advantage of the product is the complete absence of a characteristic garlic odor.


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