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How do you eat during ultra trails?

 How do you eat during ultra trails?

The typical ultra-track marathon is certainly not the easiest race. A distance of a few tens of kilometers requires participants to follow an appropriate diet and strategy to combat the high level of fatigue. How do you eat effectively during an ultramarathon to provide the body with essential support?

What are Ultra Trail races?

The term "Ultra Trail" defines a group of long-distance races of at least 42.2 km (marathon distance). Super marathons can be run in terms of distance (most common are 50, 100 km and 100 miles) or time (eg 6, 8, 12, 24 or even 48 hours). Super Tracks are held all over the

 world, allowing competitions to be conducted in a variety of conditions, from street races to extremely intense courses in extreme environments (such as mountains or the desert). Women and men also take part in the ultramarathon and the long-distance is becoming more and more popular every year.

How do you eat properly during the trail?

The distance of more than 40 kilometers is a real challenge for every athlete, which is why so few people decide to take part in the ultra track without sufficient preparation. The fundamental question is to know the capabilities of the organism on such a long journey which may at times be surprising (eg due to bad weather). Un test de plusieures heures

 d'endurance pour les muscles, le système nerveux et le propre caractère d'une personne devrait être précédé d'un entraînement approprié, ainsi que d'un apprentissage de la manière de ne negie queneré pendant The competition. What do you eat and how do you eat while competing in the ultramarathon distance?

Racers don't have an easy life. Minimizing the necessary equipment saves energy to cover the following kilometers, helps maintain optimal cadence and maneuverability, and above all does not affect movement. That's why long-distance running enthusiasts choose products of a convenient size that are easy to consume and deliver essential active ingredients quickly.


If it's a super effect, carbohydrates play an essential role. They ensure rapid replenishment of depleted glycogen stores (the primary fuel for working muscles) and gradual replenishment of energy stores for the remainder of the cycle. For long distances, the best option is a mixture of different carbohydrates (such as fructose and maltodextrin), which allows for an uneven release of energy (due to the speed of digestion).

In addition, it is necessary to remember minerals (such as magnesium and potassium), which, among other things, will regulate the proper functioning of the muscles, support the optimal functioning of the nervous system and improve the maintenance of electrolyte balance (magnesium ). In turn, vitamins (especially group B) contribute to maintaining adequate energy metabolism and reducing increased levels of psychosomatic fatigue.

How do you eat during ultra trails? Choose Power Gel!

Runners can eat without problems thanks to the supplements in the form of energy gels. It is a light and practical source of indispensable active ingredients, which will surely prove beneficial to many runners during the ultra-fast tracks. Just open the package and the contents of the sachet will quickly "recharge" our body with a valuable portion of energy

 derived from carbohydrates and provide the most important vitamins along with minerals. The brand Olimp Sport Nutrition recommends the Fire Start Energy + Caffeine gel, which is also enriched with an optimal dose of caffeine - one of the most popular ingredients with

 stimulating properties of the nervous system. Also on offer is Fire Start Energy Gel + BCAA with an Essential Exogenous Amino Acid Complex. Both products are manufactured in the laboratories of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories and in accordance with the necessary safety standards.


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