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How do you eat during a marathon?

 How do you eat during a marathon?

Maintaining an optimal amount of energy during your workout, even if it's not a long training session, is essential to getting through this cycle. But what if we had to face physical exertion for many hours? How should you eat during a marathon?

How do you eat during a marathon? Try carbohydrates!

Carbohydrates will be the primary fuel for marathon participants. Nutritionists and professional runners estimate that during an effort of at least 2.5 hours, you should eat 90 grams of carbohydrates for every 60 minutes of physical activity. According to the opinion

 of experienced runners, a useful option would be a mixture of different forms (eg a mixture of fructose with maltodextrin) allowing relatively rapid injection of the necessary additional energy and efficient recombination of gradually depleted glycogen stores.

How do you eat carbohydrates during a stressful race? The best solution can be found in pocket energy gels from the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand, which are formulated for amateurs and professionals who value high-quality products! Fire Star Energy Gel is a dietary supplement that complements the daily diet with a meticulously selected blend of

 fructose and maltodextrin, whose amazing fruity flavors will provide needed refreshment on the road and an energy "boost"! The product is available in two variants, which are enriched with valuable additions of BCAA amino acids or an ideal dose of caffeine.

Another valid solution is carbohydrate supplementation that makes it possible to prepare a delicious and thirst-quenching drink with a high amount of energy. Carbonox supplement, in addition to the common forms of glucose and maltodextrin, contains isomaltulose, which is characterized by slow digestion. Thanks to this product, it can be useful in maintaining

 optimal blood saturation even after two hours of consumption! In addition to precious minerals and 12 vitamins, the composition includes additives in the form of L-arginine, one of the most valuable NO enhancers.

How do you eat during a marathon? Be sure to support the nervous system!

Muscle energy is definitely an essential issue during a marathon. However, it is not only the musculoskeletal system that undergoes the test of endurance for long miles of distance. We must not forget that it is equally important to maintain the energy metabolism of the nervous system! In order to maintain it optimally and reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, vitamins (among other components of the B group, vitamin C) and minerals (such as magnesium and potassium) will be necessary.

How do you eat while racing to provide the body with a quick and convenient supplement of these vitamins and minerals? The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand recommends very convenient Iso Plus effervescent tablets which, after dissolving in water, make it possible to prepare a maxi orange drink with an optimal content of the main ingredients. The product also contains a blend of carbohydrates (glucose, fructose and maltodextrin), which provide additional long-distance support.


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