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How do you design a training plan for winter running?

 How do you design a training plan for winter running?

Most who train, thinking cool, cool temperatures, say "only until spring." However, maintaining good physical shape requires commitment and hard work all year round! How do you design a winter training plan? How do you deal with physical activity outside the home?

How do you design a winter training plan?

Bad weather certainly isn't an incentive to work on your physical form. On the other hand, winter training brings many benefits to the body. Strengthening immunity, improving respiratory capacity, stimulating skin microcirculation, improving heart rate, increasing endurance - these are just some of the positive aspects that can be expected from external physical activity accompanied by low temperatures.

Running is one of the most popular winter sports. The training plan is primarily aimed at improving your running strength and endurance. This last parameter, often called the oxygen base, is especially important because it allows the efficient work of the muscles without the need for lactic acid production. Thanks to this, the risk of DOMS is much lower and the body can perform effective regeneration until the next exercise without any problems.


The design of the training plan depends on the level of experience. For starters, start your run with a slow 30-minute run. The body will perfectly adapt to physical activity at low temperatures, and the not excessive level of intensity will allow you to gradually get results while working on the physical form. Over time (for example, after about two weeks), the

 start time can be reduced to 15 minutes. The remainder of your workout should be devoted to stretching and running. However, it is worth starting with a slope of no more than 10%, the distance itself should not exceed 80 meters. Also remember that the training distance and intensity should be increased gradually.

Winter Running Training Plan & Supplements

Winter cross-country skiing courses are sure to be backed up with a professional accessory. A varied and balanced diet will help you maintain optimum health and will also make it easier for you to meet your daily needs of essential active ingredients. What do you choose? The best option would be Olimp Sport Nutrition brand supplements, which are produced in

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