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How do you create a training plan? Learn the most important rules!

 How do you create a training plan? Learn the most important rules!

Without a well-prepared training plan, there are no results! Only with correctly selected exercises, sets and repetitions, it is possible to ensure the full development of the figure and get rid of annoying flaws. How do you create a training calendar? What should you follow when creating your own exercise program?

How do you create a training plan? Starting from nothing!

First, you need to focus on the primary question of your availability. It is necessary to determine how much free time you should devote to exercises in order to create a training plan with an appropriate level of competence. Knowing how much time we can devote to physical activity, it will be much easier to plan, for example, the duration of one training unit. It is worth specifying this:

Number of training days per week

The specific days that will be allocated to the implementation of the exercises

Duration of each training session

At this point, it is useful to know something important. The absolute maximum during the week is five exercises, while beginners can start with two exercises. You can not forget to replenish your body, so one or two days a week should be devoted to complete rest

 (especially after a very exhausting workout). Regarding the weather - here we have real freedom! You must determine for yourself which part of the day will be most beneficial for effective exercise.

How do you create a training plan? set the target

Setting a goal to achieve is not just important for motivation. Realistic assumptions allow us to specify, among other things, the intensity level of the training plan, the amount of load applied, the exercise cadence or the time we want to allocate to rest periods between exercises. Although building muscle mass and reducing body fat use identical activities, achieving each of these goals is quite different.

How do you create a training plan? Avoid routine and focus on variety!

One of the main assumptions of the training plan is its holistic nature. The involvement of a large number of muscles allows the regular development of the figure. However, it is also important to reduce the risk of boredom! Exercises that do not ignite the desire to work and

 motivate you to overcome other obstacles in your abilities will not guarantee you the highest efficiency when working on your body. In addition, the muscles wake up with new

 activities, and receive additional stimuli to develop. This reduces the risk of early accustoming of the body to physical exertion, ensuring continuous progress in terms of modeling or the ability to exercise. Therefore, when preparing a training plan, it must be

 remembered that in addition to basic exercises, it is also necessary to ensure proper enrichment. Routine is not recommended in training, in diet or in supplementation - it is worth ensuring diversity at all possible levels.


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