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How do you check the correct weight?

 How do you check the correct weight?

Maintaining an optimal body weight is certainly a challenge, and a problem for many people. People who are going through the process of losing weight and dieting often have doubts about the correct weight. How to check if the number of kilograms is optimal? Is there an effective way to reach the appropriate body weight?

BMI - an accurate indicator of the correct weight?

People who are interested in healthy eating and an active lifestyle know their body mass index (BMI) well. For those who don't know, it is a BMI developed in 1832, and is a very simple tool for diagnosing diet and lifestyle. The creator of BMI, Adolf Quetelet, noted a significant association between height and weight. Thus he has developed a very fast and

 practical method for making the first diagnosis and monitoring the current state of health. Since then, BMI has been used by nutritionists, doctors, nutritionists and supplement experts.

How to check the correct weight using BMI?

Although BMI may appear to be a complex mathematical equation, it is actually a very simple equation. The BMI developed by the Belgian statistician is the product of weight in kilograms and height in square metres. The result is only BMI. Its value must then be checked in the basic or extended classification of adults, which helps determine if the current weight is correct.

  • <18.5 - Weight loss
  • 18.5-24.9 - correct body weight
  • 25-29.9 - Weight gain
  • > 30 - Obesity

However, BMI raises a number of doubts due to its lack of accuracy in many important aspects. First of all, it should be remembered that adherents of regular training and an active lifestyle in most cases have more muscle mass than people with a low level of physical activity. Second, bone mass is an important factor as well. Some people have thick

 bones, while others (such as the elderly) may have osteoporosis and low bone mineral density. Thirdly, it is also worth paying attention to gender, since women have completely different proportions of fat and muscle tissue than men. Fourth, let's not forget a file

Where is the correct weight checked by BMI?

The simplicity of the BMI equation does not make it difficult to determine an accurate result. However, in the age of easy access to a variety of applications, it is possible to

 calculate BMI using an interactive calculator. Some of them allow you to check your correct weight with more accurate data, for example gender, level of physical activity and age. This way you can track your weight and make sure that your current lifestyle is good for your health!


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