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How do weight loss supplements work?

 How do weight loss supplements work?


The most popular weight loss supplements work by stimulating the thermogenesis process, which consists of increasing heat production. Raising the temperature of the body's cells increases the metabolic rate, which at the same time reduces the accumulated adipose tissue.

 Substances of this type used before a planned exercise (such as strength and endurance training) often intensify the process of sweating - creating the ideal conditions for effectively burning excess fat and shaping a lean body. Natural thermogenesis consists mainly of plant extracts that must be standardized:

  • bitter orange → synephrine
  • cayenne pepper → capsaicin
  • black pepper → piperine
  • ginger → gingerols

How do weight loss supplements work: lipolysis

Lipolysis is a reaction that literally breaks down fatty tissue. An example of a weight loss supplement that works in this way is a product containing L-carnitine. This substance is an amino acid that acts on free triglycerides and fat deposits. The purpose of L-carnitine is to

 increase the transport of fat molecules to where they are burned (oxidized), ie the mitochondria. These are small parts of cells that convert the supplied fat into energy - the body acquires additional energy reserves that it can use, for example, for more intense exercises.

How do weight loss supplements work: reduce fatigue

People who regularly follow a diet to lose weight face the problem of excessive fatigue and lack of energy. This phenomenon is usually due to a combination of high-intensity exercise and an increased calorie deficit in the daily diet. Therefore, supplements should help the body maintain the correct energy metabolism and stimulate the functioning of the nervous

 and muscular systems. In addition, products designed for people who lose weight often contain ingredients that help increase the body's adaptation to the increased feeling of fatigue. What ingredients should be in a fat burner? The presence of magnesium, vitamin B, caffeine and plant extracts (such as guarana, green coffee and tea,

How Weight Loss Supplements Work: Fighting Oxidative Stress

It must be remembered that during weight loss it is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the body's immunity. Cell protection from the harmful effects of oxidative stress and oxygen free radicals is possible thanks to the previously mentioned vitamin C, quercetin and green tea extract.


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