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How do we recognize the accelerated metabolism and how to deal with it?

 How do we recognize the accelerated metabolism and how to deal with it?

For most people, a high metabolic rhythm is a real dream that can bring very fast results in terms of weight loss and weight loss. However, there are as many opinions as there are people. Some people consider an accelerated metabolism to be a real hindrance during hypertrophy training and muscle mass gain. How do you know him? What does it take to have the optimal metabolic speed for your body?

How do we recognize the accelerated metabolism?

Many people believe that it is impossible to achieve an accelerated metabolic state. Many expect an incredible decrease in the number of kilograms from day to day, and this is an obvious mistake. The increase in the metabolic rate often "works in secret" and its effects can only be noticed after a while. But then it may be too late for a sufficiently effective reaction.


How do we know that the body has a metabolic problem too quickly? First of all, you should start by monitoring the development of your body weight. Losing excess weight despite consuming a large number of calories is often the result of a rapid and intense metabolism. People who show a high tendency to do this are called ectomorphs - their figure is characterized by a relatively low level of adipose tissue.


In the long run, this can be quite heavy. Providing the body with large amounts of food does not bring the expected results. Body mass is always constant, and regular exercises do not cause the expected changes in figure, despite the presence of a significant excess of calories in the daily diet. At some point there is the problem of excessive consumption of large portions of food, which can actually detract from what is expected from the daily diet and put undue stress on the digestive system.

How to recognize the accelerated metabolism and combat it effectively?

One of the best ways is to use preparations of the "gainer" type, that is, protein and carbohydrate supplements that provide, in a simple and practical way, the macronutrients needed to intensify the intake.Weight and support to combat a very rapid metabolism. The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand offers products that have been carefully formulated down to

 the smallest detail. The high standards of the products, developed in the state-of-the-art laboratories of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories, guarantee high quality raw materials, microbiologically tested, trouble-free solubility and optimum quantities of the ingredients used.

Gain Bolic 6000 is a super tasty source of complete protein and carbohydrate complex, supplemented with creatine and taurine. The product provides more than 375 calories per serving, which can be eaten as an excellent cocktail of several original flavors. Thanks to its form and solubility, Olimp Sport Nutrition successfully converts to other meals, helping to increase calories and increase their efficiency in the face of an excessive metabolic rate.


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