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Home workout with dumbbells Learn the best exercises

 Home workout with dumbbells Learn the best exercises

Anyone who has been in the gym at least once knows that dumbbells are the primary weight machines. Does training at home with dumbbells provide an effective improvement in the shape and growth of existing muscle mass as in the gym?

The best exercises for training at home with dumbbells

Nobody said home workouts have to be boring and less effective than those done in a fitness club or gym. A well-prepared home exercise with dumbbells turns out to be an equally effective way to build a muscular figure, and a lot of activity allows us to avoid monotonous exercises. This will allow us to surprise our muscles with new stimuli, which will have a very beneficial effect on the effectiveness of exercises and the development of muscle mass.

What types of exercises can be done during home training with dumbbells?

Legs - Squat Cup

Pectorals - bench press

Back - seated rower with dumbbells

Shoulders - Cuban rotation while holding the dumbbells over the head

Biceps - bend your forearms while holding dumbbells like a hammer

Triceps - the so-called "French tension" extrusion

Abdominals - Russian twist.

What should be considered when training at home with dumbbells?

The most important thing is the right weight. Too small a size will prove ineffective for muscle, which can lead to very low efficiency and a low rate of results. On the other hand, an exercise performed with a weight that is too heavy will cause the dumbbell home workout to suffer from poor technique. Without good technology, we cannot talk about the healthy side of physical activity, on the contrary we can expect a high risk of bruising.


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