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Home workout with a barbell. The basis of your model!

 Home workout with a barbell. The basis of your model!

All practitioners will agree that a strong back can be built in the first place by pulling an iron bar! For many years, one of the most important exercises has been a part of every home stick workout - regardless of age, experience, or current goal. Enrich your current training plan with a number of fun barre exercises!

Home workouts with a stick don't have to be boring

It's hard to deny that a basic exercise when training at home with a barbell is going to be a drag. The supine position allows us to strongly strengthen our back and also allows for effective stretching of the body during natural slack. However, pulling does not have to be boring - using another handle or additional equipment, we will be able to diversify our movements:

  • Wide grip pull-ups
  • pull with the band
  • Overhead pulls
  • Hammer grip pull exercise
  • Pull-ups with additional load (eg at belt level)

Many people see weight training at home only through the prism of pull-ups. However, the tape can also be used in other exercises that allow you to shape your body. Among them we highlight:

  • Raise your legs straight
  • knee raises
  • "mop" on the tape
  • Strap-attached forearm extensions
  • Woodchopper with ribbon attached to ribbon

Home training with a barbell, diet - what to do?

If we want to build big muscles, we have to remember the right amount of protein. Complete proteins, such as whey protein, help maintain and increase muscle mass and contribute to bone health. If we cannot provide the right amount of protein in our daily diet,

 it is worth using Olimp Sport Nutrition's Pure Whey Isolate 95 protein supplement. It is an easily soluble powder product with a mild taste that quickly and easily delivers the perfect amount of healthy WPI Whey Isolate. The product is distinguished by its high protein content, microbiologically pure raw materials and compliance with the necessary pharmaceutical standards that ensure proper safety during use.


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