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Home Workout & Apps to Check - Why is it worth using?

 Home Workout & Apps to Check - Why is it worth using?

Innovative technological solutions have often proven to be of great use in various areas of life. The same applies to sports and active recreation. We offer you recommended apps that allow you to enjoy more home workouts and increase your commitment to achieving your goal.

Home exercises and apps to recommend - Exercise Atlas

Digital Exercise Atlas is an extensive database with many activities that we can use for home training. All exercises are divided according to different criteria (such as difficulty level, muscle work, gender, type of training), which helps to avoid basic mistakes when

 preparing your own plan. Workout Atlas is a recommended app for both novice and experienced users. It will provide each of them with a great deal of knowledge and exact instructions on the correct technique to perform a particular exercise.

Home Workout & Recommended Apps - Calorie Calculator & BMR

No more uncertainty about the number of calories consumed during the day. Portable calculators are equipped with comprehensive databases that allow you to check the energy value of the purchased product. Based on this, we can easily prepare a diet to build muscle mass or plan effective weight loss. We will calculate without any problem the amount of

 macronutrients consumed, which we can adjust according to the intensity and amount of exercise performed during the day. Another home exercise recommendation app is the basal metabolic rate calculator, which allows you to quickly calculate your basal energy requirements - this is necessary to establish training hypotheses and get an answer to the following question:

Workout at home and apps to recommend - training notes

With this app, you can easily record your past results (eg the amount of weight lifted or used) and analyze the progress between workouts. You can easily enter the results of weight and circumference measurements for each part of the body, record the exact meal schedule

 with the exact number of calories, and even note the number of steps taken if you use smart watches or popular electronic bracelets. Virtual Home Workout Logbook is a recommended app for those who want to have everything at their fingertips, as well as track your fitness progress and motivate you to keep working out.


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