Home training with foam roller. Is it really effective?

 Home training with foam roller. Is it really effective?

Personal trainers and trainers often point out the very valuable role of muscle mobilization through foam rolling. Find out why training a steam iron at home is important to your workout routine.

Home training with foam roller vs roller

A foam roller is defined as a roller made of hard plastic (for example, PVC, EVA foam or simply plastic), which is used for home training aimed at relaxing the expanding muscular structures. To understand the phenomenon of the foam roller, you first need to know the essence of the problem. Intense exercises, as well as constant muscle tension, lead to

 "sticking" of the fascia - a very thin structure that covers the abdomen of the muscle. It is often compared to the shape of the thin sheath that surrounds the muscles. Fascia includes, but is not limited to, tendons, capillaries, collagen fibers of connective tissue, and small tendons or muscle septums.

What is responsible for the fascia? It is above all an additional protection of muscle tissue against various microorganisms. Experts appoint him an important role in the proper functioning of immunity. Fascia is often stated to be involved in regeneration processes (eg after muscle damage). In addition, physiotherapists emphasize its significant role in the context of the biochemistry and hemodynamics of the tissue or muscle barrier.

Foam roller home training: Advantages

Fasciitis is the result of its excessive adhesion to muscle fibers. On the other hand, this often leads to the appearance of more or less painful conditions, which can be accompanied by a limitation in the range of motion. The place of excessive tension is often called the trigger point.

To relieve pain, it is better to use steam exercises at home, which after the first session can lead to a noticeable improvement in the current condition. The main benefits of regular steam training are:

  • Neutralize pain and reduce inflammation
  • Restore the right balance in terms of muscle tension
  • Optimize travel range and prevent potential restrictions
  • Increase tissue metabolism

How often should you exercise at home with a foam roller?

In this case, you would be right in saying that more is better! In addition to the post-workout period, it is useful to spend several minutes on foam roller skating on days when you are not engaged in physical activity. The body will then return to its normal state faster and get rid

 of the annoying functional limitations. It should also be noted that training a steam machine at home will have beneficial effects in combination with stretching exercises or the use of certain physical stimuli, such as a visit to a sauna or a classic massage.

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