Home Training with a Baby - Work on your own model with your baby!

 Home Training with a Baby - Work on your own model with your baby!

Should motherhood nullify our passion for sports? no ! By training at home with your child, you have the opportunity to stay fit and actively rest, while still taking care of your little one. Did I say the combination of useful and enjoyable? As you can see, anything is possible!

Discover the benefits of training at home with your child.

The main advantage of training at home with a child is, above all, the simplicity of the exercises, which are suitable even for people without experience. Moreover, these activities are so safe that we never lose sight of the baby. So we can make sure that the child is still with us and at the same time we can start training. In addition, exercises will have a

 wonderful effect on our mood, will allow us to strengthen our muscles and maintain good mobility in the joints, will stimulate the metabolism and will allow us to increase the general level of energy. It is also a good way to get away from the routine and daily responsibilities, as well as being an important source of pleasure for the child.

How do you train at home with your child?

Before exercising, it is useful to focus on warming up, which will prepare our motor system for further work. Once this is done we should start the good part of the training at home with the baby - the exercises should be dynamic while maintaining an appropriate level of safety for our little buddy.

Butt lift - shoulders bend forward with the child in front of you

Step forward - sit the child on the knee of his leg in a position in front of you, bending the body forward, deepening the step

Abdominal flexion - Have the child sit at hip or spine level and do firm but not too violent flexes.

Horizontal scissors - the child can be placed in a prone or lateral position on the mat.

Once you are done with the exercises, you can stretch with a short relaxation session to adjust and calm your breathing.

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