Home training. What should a training plan template look like?

 Home training. What should a training plan template look like?

If you do not plan to exercise in the gym or attend a fitness club, home workouts are a good option. All you need is enough space, comfortable shoes and of course the motivation to achieve your goal. However, without a proper schedule, we will not be able to gradually build muscle. So, when considering working out at home, check out our workout plan template. See how much you can benefit from it.

Home training. What exercises should I use in a typical exercise plan?

If you decide to do exercises at home, then the best option would be a full-fledged exercise, which will affect several muscle groups at once. Thanks to this, no part of the body will be lost, and we will be sure that all the muscles have received the right amount of physical

 activity. Additionally, the nature of home exercises frequently influences the broader context of building muscle mass. Activities also increase joint mobility and muscle strength and eliminate some functional limitations.

Here is a sample home workout plan for beginners:

  • Legs - split while holding a bottle of mineral water over the head
  • The rib cage - classic push-ups
  • Back - pull up
  • Shoulders - extensions for gymnastics gums over the head
  • Triceps - Reverse push-ups in support
  • Biceps - hand pull exercise
  • Abdomen - abs

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