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Home remedies for colds

 Home remedies for colds

Weather conditions and temperatures that change frequently in the fall can increase the risk of various types of infections, including the common cold. However, before deciding to introduce the drug, it is good to think about natural methods that support the body and your immunity in this difficult period. Here are some home remedies for the common cold.

Home remedies for colds. Hot tea with lemon and honey

Our mothers and grandmothers often gave us this hot drink in childhood. Enriching tea with honey and lemon is a great source of vitamins (especially valuable vitamin C!) and many other active ingredients, which can serve as an important support for the proper functioning of the immune system. In addition, you can add a number of other valuable ingredients to your tea, such as natural fruit juice or ginger that heats effectively.

Home remedies for colds. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Autumn is rather associated with rainy and gloomy weather as well as falling leaves. However, we must not forget about the richness of seasonal fruits and vegetables! At this time of year, it is worth enriching your daily diet with pumpkin, pear, apple, pepper, parsley, peaches and cranberries. They are all rich in vitamin C, minerals (such as zinc) and many

 very beneficial antioxidants. In addition to tasting good, they provide real protection against the harmful effects of oxygen free radicals and oxidative stress that can help keep you cool. In addition, an optimal supply of vitamin C promotes the maintenance of a good energy metabolism and reduces the feeling of fatigue. against'

Home remedies for colds. garlic

When it comes to home remedies for colds, we must not forget one of the most precious vegetables! For generations, garlic has been one of the most effective means of fighting pathogenic microorganisms thanks to its rich content of allicin - a valuable component that has antibacterial properties and supports immunity. Intense garlic odor can be a real

 problem, which is why scientists at the drug company's state-of-the-art R&D center Olimp Laboratories created Garlicin. It is a food supplement in the form of small capsules, containing an odorless garlic extract and a highly concentrated, standardized 2% of the valuable allicin. The product is prepared from microbiologically tested ingredients using innovative technology that assures its high quality and safety.

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