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Home gym - how to make dumbbells yourself?

Home gym - how to make dumbbells yourself?

For many people, going to a professional fitness club is not an option. However, it is not worth giving up his passion for sports. Home gymnastics turned out to be the best solution. How do you make dumbbells yourself? What equipment is worth using to exercise at home?

Benefits of a home gym

Many people who exercise consider a home gym to be a great alternative to the gym. Although one room in your house or apartment is certainly not an accurate reflection of a professional gym, with just a little effort you can effectively train your entire body. It is

 important to remember that the most important aspect is your self-discipline. Without the will to work on your physical form and improve your current state, no amount of equipment will help you achieve the desired result.

In some ways, a home gym is a much better solution than a health club. What are the benefits of home training?

  • Reducing costs related to purchasing gym membership, etc.
  • More comfort, especially for people with low self-esteem
  • Easy to maintain hygiene and reduced risk of infections such as skin infections
  • Save time, for example getting to the gym or waiting for free equipment/machines
  • It is also an excellent solution for parents who, due to the care of their children, often give up training in fitness clubs. Exercising at home allows you to combine gentle and useful.

What should a home gym include?

Building a home gym does not have to be associated with big expenses. It must be remembered that the equipment should allow training of the whole body - no part of the body can be omitted if the goal is the balanced growth of the whole body.

So what is the right equipment for training at home?

  • column
  • gym mat
  • push rails
  • elastic exercise bands
  • chairs (as a form of handrail, for example, for diving)
  • TRX Suspension Belt Training System
  • Small exercise bands (eg from Olymp Sport Nutrition)

How to make dumbbells yourself for the gym in your home?

For most people, dumbbells are an essential training tool. It's hard to deny! Thanks to them, home gymnastics exercises will strain your muscles and will definitely provide a balanced growth of your body. Some people will definitely buy ready-made professional equipment - most sports stores offer them home delivery


However, this solution is impossible for many people, for example due to the limited family budget and high expenses. How do you make dumbbells yourself? The easiest way is to use large water bottles (eg 5-liter water bottles), which can be filled with sand. Bottles can also be covered with insulating tape, which increases their protection against damage and

 prevents the contents from leaking. We recommend DIY enthusiasts check out our online tutorials! There are many professional tutorials online on how to make your own weights and other accessories for your home gym. 


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