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Home Calisthenics & Calisthenics - See the benefits!

 Home Calisthenics & Calisthenics - See the benefits!

In recent years, home training in the form of calisthenics has become very popular. Exercises that use maximum movement and body weight have proven to be more than a typical exercise to improve the appearance of your figure.

Home training in the form of exercises

The term gymnastic exercises is used to describe a form of strength training, which allows you to stretch your existing strength and build muscle structure using your own body weight. The main premise of home gymnastics is to follow the correct exercise technique -

 contrary to appearances, the exercises are very demanding and therefore it is worth checking your fitness level beforehand. Today, gymnastics is also a form of outdoor training, a common term for street training, that is, exercises performed in urban space.

Basic exercises for home gymnastics training

Many practitioners of this training regimen indicate that it is enough to perform only 6 basic exercises of gymnastic exercises to effectively strengthen and sculpt all muscle groups. In addition, training at home with gymnastics exercises is great for improving coordination, a sense of depth, stability and endurance. The necessary gymnastic exercises include:

  • pumps,
  • the bridge,
  • classic squat,
  • Suspension / Reverse Payments
  • raising straight legs while lying down or attached to a cane,
  • Top Pulls / Hammer Grip


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