hip thrust. The basis of any training plan!

 hip thrust. The basis of any training plan!

Have no idea how to shape beautiful, round and full buttocks? Try the hip thrust - an exercise that will likely be a good idea for your training plan! Its simplicity of execution and great efficiency will allow you to design interesting figures without unnecessary risk of injury and even with a little experience!

What is a hip thrust?

Lifting the hips while keeping the back high is a popular exercise that both women and men can perform successfully. And all thanks to simple movements and active participation of appropriate muscle groups, so personal trainers who prepare plans for their clients often recommend hip presses. The presence of this exercise in the program is a guarantee of a

 good and stable formation of the buttocks, which can be strengthened and stretched without increasing the volume of the thighs. This is especially important for women who want to emphasize sexy shapes while maintaining the correct proportions of the lower limbs.

Hip thrust, or squat - which is better?

Trainers consider both activities to be particularly beneficial for developing the butt. However, it is the hip thrust exercise that will activate the gluteus maximus muscle much more - presumably the movement of the hips lift allows approximately 80% of the fibers to

 be involved! That's nearly double the number of popular squats. Additionally, trainers report that pushing the hips outward does not lead to strong thigh muscle growth, which can be important for women, such as those who compete in a bikini fitness competition, or those who avoid developing large thighs.

Another advantage of the hip thrust is the relatively simple technique of execution. Squatting requires an appropriate level of motion in the hip and ankle joints, as well as an appropriate degree of flexibility in the muscles responsible for adducting the thigh. In

 addition, improperly performed squats can cause severe stress on the lumbar spine. It is not difficult to guess that this increases the risk of serious injuries and prolonged exclusion from regular training.

Will the hip thrust be useful for beginners?

People who are taking their first steps in training may have some difficulty performing the hip thrust correctly. It can be difficult to maintain a stable position with a barbell on your chest or on a bench. Trainers recommend choosing a simpler version of this exercise, the bridle flute. The hip extension movement is performed while lying on the floor, which does not require much force from the gluteal muscles. This gives us the opportunity to strengthen them enough before we start doing hip exercises.

What Supplements Will Benefit In Pushing Hip?

The decision to start taking nutritional supplements is very wise. Intense workouts require exercisers to increase their demand for different active ingredients in their daily diet. For this purpose, it is worth choosing Olimp Sport Nutrition preparations, the formula of which consists of a mixture of high-quality ingredients and tested purity. The pharmaceutical standard was achieved through the use of modern production technologies and compliance with the necessary safety standards.

After training including the hip thrust, it is beneficial to provide your body with an adequate portion of healthy protein, which will enrich your diet with valuable nutrients and essential amino acids. To this end, we recommend checking out our 100% Whey Protein Supplement

 - a unique blend of whey isolate concentrate, which, thanks to its easily soluble powder form, makes it possible to prepare an incredibly delicious cocktail. Maintaining the right amount of protein in the diet allows you to build and maintain your existing muscle mass, and promotes good bone health.

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