HIIT training. What does it consist of?

 HIIT training. What does it consist of?

No one said the dramatic effects had to come with hours of training. HIIT training system breaks the common stereotype and shows that great design and good physical condition can reduce training time to the minimum necessary and produce incredible effects! Is it really that effective?

HIIT training, what is it?

Under the term HIIT training, there is comprehensive high-intensity interval training. Its main purpose is to intertwine dynamic and extremely strenuous training with low intensity activities or even short rest sessions. Trainers and coaches point out that an athlete cannot fully renew his or her body after a portion of an exercise. The duration of one session is 30 minutes max, and the weekly plan should include 3 days of training.

However, it must be remembered that HIIT is based on high intensity. This can be a real obstacle for people who do not have the right experience. Lack of a proper fitness base (i.e. running smoothly for 30 minutes at a moderate pace) and inadequate contact with resistance

 training can be a major barrier to keeping the body working. It must be remembered that training should not cause the slightest inconvenience to the coach. That is why an individual approach to the prepared plan is so important.

HIIT Benefits

The higher intensity of HIIT leads to the shedding of body fat, which may be associated with the increased secretion of certain hormones during exercise. HIIT:

 Enhances body efficiency by improving the cardiovascular system and regulating cholesterol levels

It allows the real preservation of the muscle mass developed so far, even during a radical fat reduction

It has a positive effect on muscular endurance without losing strength or speed

It builds personality, self-confidence and motivation to achieve the desired goal

Short workouts achieve dramatic effects while saving time

Is it worth using supplements during HIIT training?

Intense exertion is associated with a high level of psychophysical fatigue, forcing a person who plays sports to take care of his daily diet and, above all, replenishment after training. People who train regularly, both amateurs and professionals, choose creatine supplements. Creatine Xplode from Olimp Sport Nutrition provides the body with a complex of six forms

 of creatine, selected in the right proportions and enriched with taurine. Creatine is a component of muscle tissue, which is involved in the redistribution of ATP and the formation of phosphocreatine. Regular creatine supplementation can be invaluable in increasing physical performance in case of injury

Even short HIIT training sessions require the practitioner to be properly hydrated, which is best supplemented with the necessary minerals and vitamins. ISO Plus powder is an easy-to-dissolve powder to prepare a delicious and refreshing drink. Its composition contains L-

Carnitine, Vitamin C and B, in addition to magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium. The benefits of the created formula are multidimensional support, among others by maintaining proper energy metabolism, reducing the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, as well as helping to maintain adequate muscle work.

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