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Healthy snacks - what to take with you for a walk?

 Healthy snacks - what to take with you for a walk?

The concept of physical activity is not limited to exercises and exercises in the fitness club. Even small exercises like walking play a very important role in the process of weight control. What are some healthy snacks to take on a long walk? What should you eat when you're hungry but don't necessarily want to eat a big meal?

Healthy Picnic Snacks: Protein Bars

Protein bars are definitely one of the best options for a healthy snack while walking. Thanks to their convenient size, these products can be taken almost anywhere, and their sealed packaging allows them to be stored in a backpack or briefcase. The biggest advantage of

 protein bars is of course their composition - the manufacturers made sure that the bars complement a diet with the perfect amount of complete protein. They also contain valuable additives such as fiber, which has a beneficial effect in prolonging the feeling of satiety.

The offer of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand includes many interesting protein bars, which can be successfully used in a daily diet. Products such as Olimp Protein Bar, Olimp Gladiator High Protein Bar, Olimp Matrix Pro or Olimp Twister are available in great

 flavors, and the gentle texture of the bars will ensure great pleasure during consumption. For their part, vegetarians and vegans can try Olimp Veggie Protein Bar, which does not contain any ingredients of animal origin and is based exclusively on whole plant proteins.

Healthy Picnic Snacks: Protein Chips

An alternative to a bar is unique healthy snacks in the form of covered crunchy chocolate chips. The delicious, protein-rich filling will leave you savoring every bite, helping you control your hunger and supporting the work of preserving muscle mass. Protein chips are an ideal way to provide the body with a solid serving of macronutrients in no time. Olimp Sport Nutrition recommends Olimp Protein Snack, whose amazing flavors will help you replace high-calorie desserts.

Healthy walking snacks: fresh fruits

While walking, we expend energy to complete the planned path. It is true that the level of energy expenditure does not equate to an intense training session, but it is worth including it in the daily balance. Fresh fruit is one of the best options for a healthy snack, which can be found in almost any store. Fruit has many benefits for the body. Besides a solid portion of

 energy from carbohydrates, they contain fiber, valuable minerals, vitamins, and many valuable antioxidants. In addition, many fruits help quench thirst by consuming plenty of water in the form of natural juice. It is noteworthy that overripe fruits (such as bananas or brown apples) have a higher glycemic index (GI). This leads to a faster rise in sugar levels, a stronger release of insulin and an increased risk of fat gain.


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