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Healthy barbecue - is it possible?

 Healthy barbecue - is it possible?

Summer, sun and relaxation by the water. Many people cannot imagine this combination without a barbecue with friends. But is it possible to cook a healthy barbecue and party with friends without jeopardizing your diet? Here are some simple tips to solve this problem!

Healthy barbecue: choose lean meats

For most people, grilling means eating fatty foods that are difficult to digest. Sausage, black pudding, pork neck and other options appear on the grill, but despite their delicious taste, they are not a very good choice. Most of them put a strain on the digestive system and don't provide the same amount of valuable protein. For healthy barbecues, choose white chicken,

 lean chicken, or turkey - spicy wings, brisket, or chicken thighs are equally tasty options. Another alternative can be fish, which also contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids with beneficial properties for the cardiovascular system and nervous system, among others.

Healthy barbecue: choose your vegetables

Vegetables don't have to be a side dish. Many people prefer a vegan diet, so prepare vegetarian and vegan options. Zucchini, eggplant, oyster mushrooms, sweet corn or grilled mushrooms are easy to digest and equally delicious options for your guests. Especially since it is fat-free, it prolongs the feeling of satiety and reduces gnawing while meeting friends. Also, don't forget about salads, which are a nice change from heavy meat dishes.

Healthy BBQ: Homemade Sauces and Pickles

Grilled dishes without adding ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and many other sauces seem impossible. Just like pickles that are used to give the right taste to meat and vegetables for grilling. Those who love healthy barbecues can get involved and make their own sauces to reduce unnecessary calories and protect their diet from excessive amounts of sugar and salt.

 Instead of using poor quality fats for the marinade, you can use olive oil with your favorite seasonings. Sauces can be made from natural yogurt, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and many other vegetables. The Internet is full of interesting recipes for healthy barbecues. Don't forget the spices! Many'

Healthy barbecue: stay away from colorful drinks

Although for many people alcohol, and especially beer, is an indispensable part of barbecue, it is worth giving up sugary sodas. The sugar they contain increases blood glucose levels, which promotes fat gain and hunger. A much better option is refreshing water with cut fruits

 (like lemons, berries, apples) and aromatic herbs (like mint, rosemary or thyme) - a perfect alternative without unnecessary calories and sugar, which will help quench your thirst even in the hottest temperatures. days.


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