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Healing from stomach flu - what should it look like?

 Healing from stomach flu - what should it look like?

A sharp drop in temperature often leads to an unexpected infection, which can cause more or less unpleasant symptoms. The common cold associated with food poisoning is one of the most common health problems in the fall and winter. What do you need to take to rejuvenate after having a stomach flu to be really effective?

Healing after stomach flu: restoring gut flora

One of the most important elements in recovering from stomach flu is the effective regeneration of the intestinal flora. The state of the intestinal microflora can be damaged not only by the disease itself, but also by long-term use of pharmacological agents. The poor

 state of the microbe is a serious blow to the proper functioning of the immune system, as well as a major problem for the metabolism, for example through poor absorption and synthesis of some essential nutrients (such as vitamins and minerals).

This is why it is beneficial to use the Colonbiotic 7 GG Sports version of Olimp Sport Nutrition, which is an example of an innovative synbiotic. This supplement is a blend of natural lactic acid bacteria (probiotics) with a ready-to-use medium in the form of fructooligosaccharides (prebiotics) designed to promote their growth. The product is

 available in the form of convenient capsules, and the preparation itself has been prepared to high standards in a modern research and development center of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories, using high-quality raw materials.

Healing after stomach flu: strengthening immunity

Your immune system will definitely need support to recover after an uphill battle with stomach flu. For this, it would be best to follow a healthy and varied diet, which will help provide the body with zinc, vitamins C and D and quercetin, among others. Remember that the absorption and assimilation of nutrients from food is limited.

That is why it is worth choosing a product whose multi-component composition will help solve this problem! Olimp Sport Nutrition recommends Immuno Xplode powder. In addition to the above ingredients, the powder formula contains elderberry extract and valuable amino acids (L-cystine and L-glutamine), which can be a valuable nutritional supplement for immune support.

Stomach flu cure: extra protection against infections

One of the best ways to fight disease-causing microbes is to eat garlic regularly. Rich in allicin - a chemical with antibacterial properties - it will definitely help the body gradually recover from stomach flu.

Olimp Labs brand offers unique Garlicin Capsules, which contain a concentrated, odorless extract of carefully selected common garlic bulbs. This supplement is ideal for those who hate the distinct taste and aroma of garlic, and its high allicin content (2% standardizing) provides beneficial immune support and body protection.


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