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Halloween Special Training: Scare Your Inner Lazy!

 Halloween Special Training: Scare Your Inner Lazy!

It's almost Halloween! To get you in the mood for this spooky party, plan not only horror movies, pumpkin lanterns, and delicious treats, but a proper workout as well! Put on your gym clothes and prepare your mat, because a death workout is waiting for you. Not to worry, our Halloween workout is suitable for all fitness levels and anyone who dares it promises a terribly effective full session.

The days are getting colder, the leaves are turning golden and pumpkins are sold on every street corner. This can only mean one thing: Autumn has come! And with it, Halloween night. This horror festival is also gradually gaining popularity in France. In fact, on this day, children not only love to wear scary costumes. Many adult Halloween fans are also happy to play the game.

Interesting fact: Wearing clothes is a custom with a long tradition. Originally, it was a superstition to protect yourself from the dead who came back to life. And in order not to be recognized as a living being, one disguises himself as a frightening creature. For our Halloween training, there's no need to dress up, put on a comfy gym outfit!

This death session takes you straight to the heart of this horror party by working on your entire body. We have selected for you the best Halloween exercises. It will light up your mood and make you shiver with fear!

Our Halloween Training: Here's How To Do It!

There's no way back now, your inner laziness is already chilling! A ghostly exercise is waiting for you. Not only will it make you burn a lot of calories, but it will also put a strain on your muscles!

Our training is suitable for beginners as well as experienced or professional athletes. If you are a seasoned or professional athlete, feel free to grab an extra resistance band for this workout. Beginners do not need any equipment. You will find different degrees of difficulty describing each exercise.

In addition, you have the possibility to increase the number of groups. So, if you are a beginner, you can do 3 sets. As a confirmed athlete, you can do 4 or 5. And if you're a professional, you can do 6.

Here's what the full series looks like:

Exercising for a period of time

Deadlifts 40 seconds. 20 seconds.

Plank spider 40 sec. 20 seconds.

The beast squat walks correctly 40 seconds. 20 seconds.

The squat monster walks to the left 40 seconds. 20 seconds.

V (amp) ups 40 sec. 20 seconds.

The zombie crawl 40 seconds. 20 seconds.


Do each exercise for 40 seconds, then take a 20-second break before starting the next exercise. You have up to 90 seconds to rest between each set.

Important: before starting the session, warm up for at least 10 minutes. Find the best warm-up exercises in our article " Warm-up: why and how to warm-up properly before sports?" Also remember to keep yourself hydrated.

Are you ready to test your dose? We wish you good luck with our Halloween training!

Exercise 1: Deadlifts (40 seconds)

The name of this exercise reminds us of the scary undead coming to life and digging themselves out of their graves on Halloween night. Deadlifts, deadlifts in French, effectively work the legs, calf muscles, glutes and back.

For beginners: Deadlifts

Sit up straight. Put your fingers on your temples. Tilt your buttocks back and your upper body forward. Your knees are slightly bent. Keep your back straight at all times. Look at the floor directly in front of you so that your head remains in a neutral position. Probably. Raise yourself to a standing position as you exhale.

 For advanced and professional athletes: Deadlifts with resistance bands

As a confirmed or professional athlete, you can add resistance to make the exercise more challenging, for example by using a resistance band. Put both feet on the belt. Find a stable position. Make sure the tape is around the middle of your feet. Hold both ends of the tape firmly with your hands.

Then perform the exercise exactly as shown in the example for beginners. Except for your arms that are extending and holding the bar tightly. If the exercise is too easy for you, you can hold the resistance band down a bit or even use another band with a higher resistance.

2: Spider Planks (40 seconds)

Do you hear them walk from here? Most people are afraid of spiders. And you, do you dare to compete with our Spider Planks? This exercise engages all of your chest muscles. As it takes it, we also give you other variants. Choose what suits you best!

For beginners: knee plank

The knee plank is the ideal alternative for beginners who do not have enough abdominal strength. Take the same traditional plank position, but keep your knees on the floor. Although it is easier, make sure to put your elbows under your shoulders and tighten your abdominal and buttock muscles as much as possible.

For advanced athletes: elbow plank

The forearm plank is more than just a basic exercise. It touches your whole body. Get into a plank position on your forearms, making sure your elbows are below your shoulders. Keep your neck straight. Tighten your entire body and push your upper back toward the ceiling. Try to form a straight line and maintain this position, do not arch your back or raise your butt to the sky.

For the pros: Spider Plank

Get into a high plank position. Your body forms a straight line, your arms are outstretched and your palms are below your shoulders. As you exhale, bring your right knee to the side, toward your shoulder. Return to the starting position and then bring your left knee to the side. Your knee is pointing outward. If this exercise is too easy for you, you can raise your feet.

Exercise #3: Walking Monster Squat (40sec. Right + 40sec. Left)

Like a scary beast, you squat to the right for 40 seconds and then to the left for another 40 seconds. You can either connect the two movements or take a break between left and right. By the way, this exercise is called Crab Squat Walks, because it reminds us of a crab that is always moving sideways. This strengthens the muscles of the buttocks and legs.

For beginners: crab squats (right + left)

The starting position is a normal squat position. Once you reach the bottom of the squat, maintain this position and, using your right foot, step to the side. Try not to sit while walking. With each step, point your feet and knees slightly outward. Always start with the right leg.

Then return the other leg. This exercise is done while walking. So if you don't have enough room to go the distance in one go, go back and forth. Finally, repeat the exercise by changing the attack leg.

For advanced and professional athletes: Crab Squat Walks Resistance Band (Right + Left)

Is walking the classic Crab Squat too easy for you? So go get a resistance band and put it over your knees. Get into a squat position, tighten your abdominal muscles and keep your back straight. Take small steps to the right, making sure the tape is firmly in place. Maintain tension throughout the exercise - your legs and muscles will be toned, we promise. When you're done, do the same on the left side.

Exercise #4: V (amps) Ups (40 seconds)

Besides monsters and spiders, vampires also fit perfectly in our Halloween training. V Ups allow you to operate the belly band in a targeted manner! We have prepared for you several difficulty levels.

For beginners: sit ups

It's a great classic abs game. Lie on your back with your legs bent. Put your fingers on your temples. Lift your upper body with the power of your abdominal muscles alone. Try not to gain momentum or help yourself by "tightening" your arms or head. Exhale through your mouth as you raise your upper body.

For advanced athletes: V (ampire) Hold

This static exercise will tone your abdominal muscles. Lie on the floor, extending your legs in the air. Try forming a V shape with the upper body and legs. Extend your arms forward along your legs. Inhale softly through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

PRO: V (ampere) ups

You lie on your back. Put your arms above your head. Bend your body to form a V. To do this, raise your outstretched legs to the sky as you try to touch your toes with your hands. Expired. Then return to the starting position, keeping your arms and legs straight.

Exercise 5: Zombie Crawl (40 seconds)

Imagine the following scene from a horror movie: the protagonist runs away from the zombies, stumbles and falls to the ground. The zombie is crawling in his direction and getting close to him. This is pretty much the move you need to make. You move on all fours, thus working out all your chest muscles.

For beginners: four legs with high knees

Get all fours on the floor. Your elbows are under your shoulders and your knees are below your hips. Your back is straight like a table. Support yourself on your toes. Tighten your core muscles and raise your knees slightly off the floor. These float above the ground while your back always remains parallel to the ground. Hold this position while calmly inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

For experienced athletes: zombie crawling or bear crawling

Sit on all fours of your knees off the floor and start walking. To do this, bring one hand and the other foot forward and remember to keep your back parallel to the floor. Do the same with the other hand and the opposite foot. Take four steps forward and then four steps back. Repeat this sequence for 40 seconds.

PRO: Dragon Walk

This exercise is very challenging and requires a lot of practice, strength and coordination! Begin by getting into a high plank position. Your arms are straight and your palms are below your shoulders. Bring your right hand forward and raise your left leg. Then bring your left knee to the side and do a pushup. Relax your left leg, now bring your left hand forward. Then raise your right leg. Bring your right knee to the side and do another pushup. crawl.

I finished ? Well done ! After such brutal training, you will definitely become tired! But hey, what about the recovery phase? This is the time to do some stretching or movement exercises.

Our tip: After this session, delicious foods rich in protein and perfect for uplifting the Halloween mood await. Take a look at our spooky Halloween recipes and get inspired!


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