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Hair loss - what can be done?

 Hair loss - what can be done?

The problem of hair loss does not only affect the elderly. Younger and middle-aged people are increasingly affected. What can be done against hair loss? What could be the reasons? Are there effective ways to combat this problem?

Hair Loss - Causes

The starting point is to distinguish between two types of hair loss. The first is the slow, gradual and steady process of hair loss. In most cases, it is a genetic problem - in many cases, baldness or thinness can have a genetic origin and be passed on from generation to generation. Also, gradual hair loss can be a sign of autoimmune diseases (particularly

 alopecia areata), improper hair care (such as excessive use of flat irons, improper drying, improper or poor-quality cosmetics) or the result of styling procedures. Frequent and intense hair (eg frequent changes in color or wrinkles).


The second "pattern" of hair loss is sudden hair loss - hair thinning is much faster than in the previously described cases. Hair loss can be noticed in a short time and can be due to problems such as:

  1. hormonal imbalances
  2. systemic inflammation
  3. Pathological abnormalities of the scalp
  4. Internal diseases (such as food poisoning)
  5. Poor diet - especially restrictive diets
  6. Excessive stress and life trauma (eg, death of a loved one)
  7. Major surgeries and cancer treatments

How do you treat hair loss?

The consultation of an expert in the field of trichology will certainly make it possible to determine the origin of the problem and choose the appropriate methods of combating hair loss. Doctors regularly draw attention to hair care - the use of tight buns or braids is a common problem that can irritate the follicles and promote their thinning. Also, using high-quality cosmetics with natural ingredients can help restore your hair and scalp.

The problem of hair loss is often the result of the hormonal imbalances and inflammatory changes mentioned above. These, in turn, can be closely associated with an unbalanced diet and a deficiency in valuable vitamins and minerals. In this case, it is important to ensure that your daily meals are based on healthy and balanced products. In addition, it is useful to

 supplement the food plan with supplements containing biotin, vitamins A, C, D and E as well as vitamins of group B, zinc, copper and selenium. It is also important to ensure that the body is getting complete proteins, especially collagen. It is also good to include natural products such as


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