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Hair care with nutritional supplements - how does it work?

 Hair care with nutritional supplements - how does it work?

Beautiful and shiny hair is not only the result of good hair care and cosmetics. Good looks and healthy hair are often the result of good nutrition. Is it possible to take care of your hair with nutritional supplements? How does it work and what should high-quality products contain?

Taking care of your hair with nutritional supplements: essential vitamins

The composition of the supplement and the correctly selected doses of ingredients used in individual portions are the main determinants of effective hair care. First of all, it is worth focusing on vitamins, which, as we know, are essential components of the daily diet. Its deficiency can often be the cause of a number of hair problems, including an increased

 tendency to fall out, brittleness, or a loss of natural luster. In this regard, you should definitely pay attention to vitamin A and biotin, which play an essential role in maintaining healthy hair.


However, they are not the only ones that are important to your daily diet. It should be borne in mind that other vitamins have the same beneficial effect on beauty. Of note here are vitamins that support the protection of cells from oxidative stress, that promote proper

 immunity or that affect cysteine ​​and homocysteine ​​metabolism. Therefore, if you decide to take care of your hair with nutritional supplements, choose products containing vitamins B2, B6, B12, C, D and E - they will certainly be of great support during the treatment.

Taking care of your hair with supplements: essential minerals

In addition to vitamins, we must not forget about a series of minerals. Among the elements that support immunity, fight free radicals and above all help maintain healthy hair, we can especially mention

  • zinc
  • manganese
  • copper
  • selenium

When deciding on supplements, you should pay attention to the form of minerals used. Elements in inorganic form are poorly absorbed, and therefore it is difficult to talk about real support for daily nutrition. This is why it is essential to choose products that contain minerals in innovative and highly bioavailable forms, such as the Albion™ amino acid chelate used in Olimp Sport Nutrition products.

Hair care supplement: ingredients of vegetable origin.

Dietary supplement manufacturers often decide to enrich the composition of their products with natural plant ingredients. For this purpose, standardized extracts are often used, which are an additional source of valuable active substances. In the case of hair care, nettle and horsetail are often mentioned. Horsetail and the silica it contains are of particular value. Both plants also have a beneficial effect on cleansing the system of unnecessary and harmful metabolic products.

Hair Care Supplements: Proteins and Amino Acids

Finally, it should be noted that some products can enrich the diet with hydrolyzed collagen protein and valuable amino acids such as L-methionine and cystine. Their presence is a good support for the process of hair care with supplements - but do not forget that the basis is, of course, a varied diet and proper care.

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