21 good reasons to start running!

Certainly, sport in strength is great. But any good functional training should include endurance training. Of course, you can swim, bike or paddle for it. But running is the natural form of fitness and movement. While it is the most practical and least complex. Do you really want to be in good shape? So start running!

As with other sports, for running training to be successful, you must have specific goals. We advise you to run a half marathon in your favorite city, or in a city you have wanted to see for a long time. After that, we go to training.

Are you really wondering why you should run 21.0975 km? do not worry. We have prepared for you an argument for every little kilometer.

21 reasons to start running

1. To train the most important thing

Will ! Between the long races, intervals, and half marathons...yes, it's a real mental challenge and yes, you'll really want to stop. But you get there because you really want to. For all your upcoming challenges.

2. You set your own rules

You run the way you want, where you want, and when you want. Gym opening hours, equipment is never empty or lacking dumbbells...not your problem anymore!

3. You can save time

Utility racing is booming! A term that sounds complicated but it simply means that you are running to get to work. Or go home. A word of advice: Leave your sports uniform and work clothes straight at the office. So you are always prepared!

4. Running is my business

You don't need anything but yourself, the shoes, the circuit, and the desire to feel good after a little race.

5. A personal challenge as much as a team sports

All over France there are jogging groups. Find your favorite group and you'll discover a true community experience. Run together, motivate each other and celebrate your progress. And you can also toast bread with sparkling amino acids!

6. Running helps you stay motivated

why ? Quite simply because once you start running, you feel better. Even if you are a complete beginner, you will progress very quickly (after the pain) and can party after every race.

7. Free and healthy stimulation

During peak alertness, your body releases various substances that make you forget about exertion and leave you in a state of pure happiness. But only if you run long enough and really go to your limits.

8. Running is your time

Almost every race is a moment of reflection. In the city, in nature, with or without music: running clears your mind. Whether alone or with a group: the stress of everyday life has no place here.

9. You learn that anything is possible

Once you know how to have fun while running, nothing will stop you. the snow ? the rain ? the wind? the night ? No, absolutely nothing: Once you start running, it's still fun. This motivation will help you in many aspects of your daily life.

10. Running changes your lifestyle

You'll Feel Better Anyway: After the race, you'll (almost) automatically want to eat healthier and lighter food more than you would a heavy, sauce-rich dish. We insist almost every same on the word. Thus, you will choose a healthy lifestyle in a very natural way.

11. You can eat whatever you want

And almost as much as you want. Yes, you should still monitor your calorie needs to a minimum in order not to gain weight. But the thing is, when you run, you burn a lot of calories. Especially when running for long or short periods. So ... there is no longer a place to eat! You will find your future inspiration in our recipes.

12. Running is an exercise in which you are true to yourself.

Only you, your body and your state of mind really matter. Wearing great sportswear or the best supplements won't help if you don't train or lack willpower. And if you don't work on your technique, you

 won't be able to progress either. This applies to you but also to the people in the group and to your competitors during the competition.

13. Your heart will love you

Well, we hope that is indeed the case. But seriously: running is one of the best preventive measures against various diseases of civilization, especially those related to the cardiovascular system.

14. Running makes you stronger

And it will not only strengthen your will but especially your bones. During the race, you are training all of your striated muscles and tensing your bones. Studies have long noted that regular jogging has a good effect on bone density. And for bones, it's like muscles: they want to be told to stay in shape.

15. You can focus better

According to studies, 30 minutes of quiet jogging improves brain performance and helps you get back in shape after a long computer activity. Tip: Go for a run during your lunch break. You can even invite your colleagues to come with you. Not to mention you'll be back to work as fresh as ever!

16. Jogging and beauty go hand in hand

Regular activity boosts blood circulation in the body. It is good against wrinkles, skin blemishes, etc. Your skin actually thanks you for giving it some daylight. So if the weather is very nice, you should wear sunscreen. And most importantly: drink enough water.

17. Running improves self-confidence

Ultimately, when you celebrate early progress and see the physical and mental effects of running, your confidence improves. Kind of makes sense, right?

18. Relatively little effort to achieve a lot of results

To swim, you have to go to the pool. When you ride a bike, you have to pedal for a long time before you see any real effects. When you run on the other hand, you will see progress over a regular half hour. Well, of course, if you want to succeed in a half marathon, you will need a little more work. But what is certain is that jogging is very easy to integrate into your daily life.

19. Your efforts will be rewarded

When the crowd supports you at the edge of the ring, when you cross the finish line for the first time or when you break your own record, you will feel an incomparable feeling. So let yourself be convinced.

20. Running is like a guided tour under the supervision of Energy Aminos

A half marathon in a major city, whether it's your hometown or a flight, is kind of like a quick guided tour. In big cities, you can usually see the most beautiful monuments on the marathon circuit. Thus, you can visit the city from a completely different perspective.

21- In conclusion: Running is just fun

You make new friends, get to know yourself better, and have a lot of great experiences as you become a better athlete. Plus you will always have something to put you in a good mood or help you relax. Wherever, whenever and however.

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