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Good hydration in summer - why is it important?

 Good hydration in summer - why is it important?

The amount of water you consume throughout the day is very important for your body to function optimally. Especially during holidays and high temperatures. What role does good hydration play in summer? Why is it so important and what can you avoid?

Good hydration in summer - correct body temperature

In hot weather, there is a high risk of overheating. Excess body temperature can cause sunburn to the skin and can also lead to stroke. In addition, the heat of the sky on vacation slows down the metabolism. As a result, the body works less efficiently, which leads, among

 other things, to a decrease in the efficiency of the digestive system or the nervous system. With proper hydration in summer, the body can maintain a proper body temperature and avoid overheating. However, it must be remembered that very cold water should be avoided - a hot object can react strongly to a sudden drop in temperature, resulting in a shock.

Proper hydration in summer - an additional source of electrolytes

Summer heat is closely related to increased sweating. However, sweat consists not only of water, but also of a number of valuable minerals such as magnesium, potassium and sodium. Their deficiencies lead to disruption of the proper functioning of the muscles, poor functioning of the nervous system, abnormal energy metabolism, alteration of some

 psychological functions, increased fatigue and unfavorable muscle function. Thus a disturbed acid-base balance can lead to an exaggerated decrease in the pH of the cell medium. Good hydration during the summer provides the body with the necessary minerals and compensates for the loss of fluids due to excessive sweating. In addition, regular consumption

Good hydration in summer and blood pressure

Loss of potassium through sweating affects blood pressure. This element contributes to maintaining blood pressure at a normal level. Good hydration in summer has a valuable effect on maintaining good blood density and reduces the risk of various problems such as myocardial infarction or stroke.

Good hydration in summer and condition the skin, hair and nails

Moisturizing the body also has an effect on beauty. Inadequate hydration during the summer can weaken the condition of the skin, hair and nails and promote their deterioration. Insufficient water intake during the hot season can lead to excessive dehydration and less stamina. In addition, water has a detoxifying function, which is one of the elements for cleansing the body of accumulated secondary metabolites.

Good hydration in summer - no thirst problems

Constant feeling of thirst is a big problem in summer. Good hydration gives the body a great feeling of freshness, which, in the case of very high temperatures, allows you to regain lost strength and gain support for the rest of the work, such as exercises or tasks that require concentration.


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