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Ginseng - properties Dosage and contraindications

 Ginseng - properties Dosage and contraindications

The tradition of using ginseng as a form of natural way to maintain vitality and vitality dates back thousands of years. Are there any contraindications to its use? Who should get ginseng and what benefits can they expect?

What are the properties of ginseng?

The valuable role of ginseng for the human body results from the large number of active components contained in it. Besides the accumulated vitamins and mineral components, ginseng is a rich source of active substances called ginsenosides. Their properties make it possible to increase the oxygenation of hemoglobin, which can simultaneously promote the transport of oxygen throughout the body. This explains why ginseng is referred to as the "longevity factor."

In addition, a whole host of other valuable properties are attributed to ginseng, which explains its versatility:

  • It demonstrates a valuable influence on the adaptive capacity of the organism and facilitates the management of stress or energy deficiency
  • Can be beneficial for the cardiovascular system and for maintaining cholesterol balance
  • Possibly helping to maintain optimal sugar levels
  • It can have a beneficial effect on libido and enhance sexual performance
  • It can have a positive effect on the immune system.

Ginseng and dosage - how to use it?

The best way to provide the body with an optimal amount of ginseng is to use a dietary supplement, the composition of which has been prepared on the basis of high-quality raw materials, tested for microbiological purity.

The supplement Ginseng Vita Complex from the brand Olimp Labs provides a convenient way to enrich the daily diet with root extracts of two types of ginseng (Korean and American), which are characterized by a high degree of uniformity of the contents of the ginsenosides. The preparation is available in the form of easy-to-swallow capsules, which

 do not pose the slightest problem with dosing. The formula of the supplement produced in the pharmaceutical laboratories of Olimp Laboratories is enriched with black pepper extract (a source of piperine) and the indispensable vitamin complex Bioperine®).

What are the contraindications to the use of ginseng?

For some people, the use of ginseng products may be contraindicated. Heart and circulatory problems are reason enough to give up on ginseng extract supplements. Conditions such as high blood pressure, hemophilia, hypoglycemia, or congenital or acquired heart defects rule out the possibility of taking ginseng supplements.


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