Functional exercise - basic information

 Functional exercise - basic information

An increasing number of trainers are abandoning the use of isolated workouts. It turns out that clients get much better results from functional exercise. What do you want to know about this? What is the most important information before starting?

Functional exercise for everyone

There really is no end to this training regimen! Women, men, teens, adults, the elderly, thin people, people with large muscle mass or who are overweight, all can start training

 functionally. In addition, this exercise model is suitable for almost all sports disciplines. Its effectiveness in strengthening muscles and improving body functions can be used to correct movement patterns or eliminate pain associated with low activity levels.

Complex effects of functional exercise

The indisputable benefit of functional exercises is their multidimensional effect on the body. Exercise plans in the form of station circuits not only help to beat boredom, but also ensure participation at different levels. Participants can improve their condition, increase their

 fitness, improve their deep feeling (central stabilization of the trunk), increase the flexibility of the musculoskeletal structures, and ensure an optimal range of joint motion. In addition, functional exercises help to control the correct body weight and eliminate excess body fat.

Functional exercise with and without equipment

Most functional exercise classes are held in health clubs, where coaches use a wide range of equipment. The use of rubber bands, gymnastics bands, TRX trainers, gymnastics balls or BOSU pads ensures extremely strong muscle engagement, which leads to better results

 during exercise. An equally interesting tool are the mini strips available from Olymp Sport Nutrition. Its convenient size allows you to take it with you anywhere, and the high quality of its production (especially the high elasticity and durability of the materials used)

 guarantees incredible comfort during exercise. Moreover, people who play sports can not complain about boredom - the gadgets are a perfect update and provide an element of entertainment in their workout plan, helping to avoid boredom.

However, no one said that functional exercises should include additional equipment! There are many incredibly interesting and effective exercises based on your body weight.

 Exercises without equipment are equally effective and often allow better involvement of the deep muscles responsible for stabilizing the heart. This allows the body to better control the directed movement and maintain correct posture during exercise.

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