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forms of magnesium. How to choose the best magnesium?

 forms of magnesium. How to choose the best magnesium?

The dietary supplement market offers a wide range of products that contain different forms of magnesium. Which ones deserve attention and which ones should be considered supportive of advertising marketing? How do you choose the best magnesium for a varied daily diet?

Do different forms of magnesium produce different effects?

of course no! Each form of magnesium determines the same properties of the element and in no way causes different effects. Magnesium is an essential element in the daily diet, as it works and regulates a number of processes that are very important for health. The main properties of magnesium are:

  • Maintain proper functioning of the nervous system and maintain optimal energy metabolism
  • Participation in the processes of reducing fatigue, protein synthesis and maintaining normal psychological functions
  • Promotes the maintenance of proper condition of bones, teeth and adequate muscle function
  • Promotes maintenance of electrolyte balance

What forms of magnesium deserve attention?

A large portion of dietary supplement producers have decided to use forms of magnesium oxide, which have been shown to be the least effective form of this element. The low price of raw materials is closely related to the relatively poor functionality - magnesium oxide does not guarantee a high degree of absorption of the element. Therefore, products containing it will not be an effective way to maintain a varied diet.

Therefore, the best solution will prove to be supplements to enrich the diet with better forms of magnesium. Which of them should be taken into account? It is clearly citrate, lactate, bicarbonate and above all innovative forms of amino acid chelates. The latter form is often

 used in the products of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand - one of the leading producers of nutritional supplements and nutritional supplements for physically active people. The use of the innovative form of Albion® chelates is a guarantee of optimum absorption of the active ingredients present.

How do you choose the best magnesium for your daily diet?

People who train regularly, with an increased level of mental and physical intensity, as well as those who require a large amount of magnesium (such as under stress, drinking large amounts of coffee, problems with assimilation of the element) should choose which will allow them to provide the optimal amount of magnesium in a way Simple and fast.

An example of this product is Chela MZB Sport Formula by Olimp Sport Nutrition brand. These capsules complement the diet with the premium chelate of the amino acid magnesium Albion, which has been enriched with two unique and effective ingredients: zinc and vitamin B6. The proposed combination will be useful, among other things, for regulating

 hormonal activity (vitamin B6), maintaining proper energy metabolism (magnesium, vitamin B6) or neutralizing the feeling of fatigue (magnesium, vitamin B6). The product is prepared in the innovative laboratories of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories, which use tested raw materials and high-quality production technology,


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