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Fight cellulite and stretch marks!

 Fight cellulite and stretch marks!

How do you get rid of cellulite and stretch marks?

Enemies of the female figure All ladies would agree that there are no annoying blemishes like cellulite and stretch marks! How do we prevent it? What should be done to treat it? What methods will prove effective? Stretch marks at home?

What is cellulite called?

The common appearance of "orange peel skin" of unsightly wrinkles and thickening is referred to by professionals as cellulite. In fact, it is a deformed fatty tissue that settles under the skin and causes harmful pressure (squeeze) on the connective tissue. As a result, the

 accumulated fat begins to grow and accumulate over time in the form of enlarged nodules of fat cells, and in addition, fatty tissues in the form of cellulite are filled with many toxins that are not excreted by the body. The body due to concomitant microcirculation disorders.

How does cellulite form and where does it occur?

It is difficult to highlight a specific factor that contributes to the development of cellulite. These microcirculation disturbances impede the elimination of subcutaneous water and secondary metabolites that accumulate in adipose tissue. Their increase in size, uneven

 distribution and pressure on the surrounding connective tissue leads to deformation wrinkles that have the appearance of an orange peel, and problems with blood circulation are among the most common causes of the development of cellulite.


However, there are many other, no less important reasons that can cause various cellulite-related blemishes in the female body, and among them are:

Low level of physical activity or complete limitation of movement less than the minimum necessary and a sedentary lifestyle

Hormonal disorders - excessive estrogen levels and progesterone deficiency

A diet rich in sugar, salt, and processed products (such as containing preservatives)

Clothing that is too tight and wearing high-heeled shoes can lead to circulation problems

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

Posture defects that lead to circulatory disorders in the lower extremities

Cellulite often accumulates in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe lower extremities - thighs, buttocks, the edges of the hips or legs. However, it is most often visible on the abdomen and shoulders. According to some specialists, it can be associated with hormonal activity or individual genetic predispositions of the organism.

Who can suffer from cellulite problems?

Almost all women, regardless of their current age or weight, can face the problem of orange peel. However, lifestyle is too important for the risk to occur. However, obese people who eat poorly and are not physically active are more predisposed to the problem of cellulite than others.

What are the ways to get rid of cellulite?

Fighting cellulite is a great challenge, especially since the excessive accumulation of adipose tissue does not occur in days, but in years, so specialists agree that the prevention of cellulite should be carried out in several directions - the complex effects of different stimuli

 and their use of different methods can be effective in eliminating on sebaceous nodules and facilitate the elimination of toxins remaining in the body.Discover the methods that will help you fight stubborn cellulite and create a beautiful silhouette.

Start moving!

Sports activity will certainly be useful in stimulating blood circulation, improving the elimination of toxins accumulated in fat cells (for example with sweat) and stimulating mechanisms that contribute to the loss of accumulated adipose tissue. And start doing exercises to sculpt a specific area of ​​the body!

Change your eating habits

A healthy and balanced diet is most often the solution to many problems. In the case of cellulite, it is necessary to get rid of empty calories and fast food and replace them with a nutritious product with a high content of fiber. In addition, it is helpful to focus on hydration - water is one of the best and at the same time safer ways to detoxify the body and help regulate body weight.

Get the right supplements

Some people say that supplementation is not necessary, but on the other hand, why not help your body fight cellulite? Preparations that promote subcutaneous water loss (eg contain extracts of cranberry or nettle), vitamin-mineral complexes, healthy fats (omega). -3) Green

 tea is a good solution, the latter being of particular value due to its stimulating metabolic action and the high content of various active ingredients (eg, polyphenols, catechins, EGCG) that may be useful in fighting oxygen radicals and displaying antioxidant properties.

take care of your body

Daily skin care will certainly help improve blood flow to the skin and reduce blood circulation disorders. It is useful to treat cellulite areas with special cosmetic products (such as lotions or gels) which, along with a changing shower temperature and a rough sponge, will definitely help get rid of the “orange peel” ".

Complete anti-cellulite treatments

Non-surgical aesthetic medicine also helps to restore the freshness of the body. Regular sessions of lymphatic drainage, shock wave therapy or Chinese bubble massage help rid the body of excess fat deposits, stimulate natural mechanisms and get rid of unnecessary metabolic products. , will effectively stimulate the processes of nutrition and improve the visual appearance of the appearance of the skin.

What are stretch marks and how do they appear?

According to experts, stretch marks are defined as scars resulting from the rupture of collagen and elastin fibers, and these two proteins are the main components of the connective tissue that makes up our skin, and therefore the deterioration of their structure causes obvious defects in the form of parallel filamentous bands. How do stretch marks occur? In most cases, this results in excessive and violent tightening of the skin, which clearly exceeds its elasticity.

Causes of stretch marks

Stretch marks are common among all women, no matter how often they use body care, and experts agree that they are largely caused by excessive weight changes, for example as a result of intense weight loss or after pregnancy and childbirth. At the same time, they note that this is not a general rule, it often turns out that women with high weight may not experience weight loss, stretch marks at all, what is the reason?


Genetic causes are often mentioned, they can lead to a real disruption of the natural mechanisms of production and regeneration of skin fibers, as a result of which collagen and elastin cause greater susceptibility to damage and lead to a pronounced limitation of elasticity.

Stretch marks can also be caused by:

Excessive dryness of the skin and limited hydration, especially due to poor selection of cosmetics, improper body care, or simply skin problems

The influence of mechanical factors, for example, physical injuries or excessive physical activity

Hormonal problems, including very high levels of cortisol - a stress hormone that reduces the strength of elastin and collagen proteins

An unbalanced or excessively restricted diet accompanied by a deficiency of vitamins (A, C, E, niacin), minerals and elements (zinc, silicon, magnesium, manganese or copper) and healthy fatty acids

Homemade means to combat stretch marks

A large number of women choose to go to beauty salons that offer various treatments to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and reduce the risk of their reappearance. The use of mesotherapy, micro-peeling or professional chemical peeling is effective, but very expensive - the price can be a major obstacle and not everyone can afford such a large expense.

But nothing is lost, there are many effective ways for every budget that will have a real effect on stretch marks and restore the beautiful appearance of our body, and thanks to properly selected procedures, we can deal with heavy and unsightly defects that can cause complexes and low self-esteem. You will see that It is not difficult!

Prepare the body peeling yourself - mix olive oil with lemon juice and coffee residues.The mixture prepared in this way should be distributed and gently massaged into the area of ​​​​the body with stretch marks, preferably with the help of special cosmetic tablets or towels after that. A few dozen minutes, rinse off the residue.

Make sure the skin is properly lubricated, especially after exfoliation. For this you can use coconut oil or shea butter

Physical activity plays an important role, especially during pregnancy. Regular training will gradually increase the elasticity of the body's skin, improve microcirculation, and facilitate the reduction of excess cortisol.

Ensure a healthy and varied diet - choose products rich in the previously mentioned vitamins and minerals (eg vitamins A, C, biotin, niacin, zinc, silicon, magnesium, manganese, copper) that have a valuable effect on skin function (eg, stretching) .

Look for nutritional supplements that complement your daily diet with not only the above active ingredients, but also provide a series of other ingredients of equal value to the skin, for example hyaluronic acid or hydrolyzed collagen

Do not forget about good hydration - drinking at least 2 liters of water per day will help prevent skin dehydration, flush accumulated toxins from the body and promote various regeneration processes


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