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Energy Gel - How do we use it and who should use it?

Energy Gel - How do we use it and who should use it?

Lack of energy during training? Do you feel excessively tired? It's a sign that it's time to find the right support! But not everyone needs to use a pre-workout supplement! A very good alternative is energy gel, which has become a very valuable solution! How is it used? In what cases will it be particularly useful?

What is energy gel?

This is a special group of nutritional supplements that, as the name suggests, are designed to quickly replenish energy in case of increased fatigue. Speed ​​is of paramount importance here. Energy gel manufacturers use a mixture of simple and complex carbohydrates in their

 products (in most cases, a combination of the optimal servings of fructose and maltodextrin). Thanks to this, the body receives sufficient support to re-synthesize glycogen, which is an essential fuel for intensely working muscles, in a short time. In addition, the nervous system also uses carbohydrates.

High-quality energy gels also contain a number of valuable additives that provide more beneficial effects. These are often minerals from the electrolyte group (magnesium, potassium, sodium), vitamins (especially from group B), branched-chain amino acids, taurine, and stimulating components (such as caffeine and guarana).

How to use Energy Gel?

The products known as Energy Gels are very easy to use! Most of them come in handy little plastic tubes. Just open the package and squeeze the contents directly into your mouth. It is recommended to use them mainly during physical activity and at regular intervals. They help maintain optimum energy levels.

Who Should Use Energy Gel?

Energy gels are recommended mainly for physically active people. Recreational exercise and professional athletic training require exercisers to retain the energy needed to function properly. Carbohydrate gels are recommended for long and strenuous exercises, especially those that are athletic in nature. These products are mainly used by distance runners, cyclists and athletes. However, nothing prevents the use of energy gels in team matches.

What Energy Gels Are Worth Studying?

Olimp Sport Nutrition products are proven to be the best choice because they are formulated with high quality ingredients tested in a state-of-the-art R&D center of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories. In addition to a portion of valuable carbohydrates, Olimp Fire Start Energy Gel + BCAA and Olimp Fire Start Energy Gel + Caffeine contain valuable additives:

Olimp Fire Start + BCAA Energy Gel - BCAA supplement gel

Olimp Fire Start + Caffeine Energy Gel - Enriched with Guarana Seed Extract, Standardized with 50% Natural Caffeine


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