Eccentric strength training. Is it really worth doing that?

 Eccentric strength training. Is it really worth doing that?

Over the years, knowledge and trends in bodybuilding are constantly evolving. Easier access to professional literature, a large number of channels related to physical exertion, as well as numerous discussion forums allow you to discover new information about training methods. Is eccentric muscle training a useful regimen for strength-training enthusiasts?

What is eccentric strength training?

This term is directly related to eccentric muscle training, which involves muscle lengthening (moving the attachments farther apart). An ideal example of this work is the passive phase of the pull-up of the horizontal bar, which causes a sharp stretch of the wider back muscle.

 Eccentric strength exercises allow muscles to work with a load that exceeds our maximum values ​​by up to 50%! This means that this system makes it possible to develop greater resistance of the muscle fibers to work under heavy loads and to prolong their life under tension.

The main benefits of eccentric strength training

Besides greatly improving our muscle endurance and aiding in shape, eccentric strength training is frequently recommended as an alternative to static stretching. Eccentric phase exercises allow effective stretching of muscle fibers, increase the efficiency of their sliding in the fascia and are ideal for improving joint mobility.

Personal trainers and physiotherapists point out another important issue, which is decentralized muscle training. It turns out that regular exercise can be a good addition to the rehabilitation process. Healers note that eccentric muscle action promotes an increase in

 tendon strength, makes it possible to restore the correct range of motion in the joints and has a valuable effect on the state of the nervous system. Some also mention its beneficial effect on the process of collagen production, which contributes to the formation of rows of structures of motor organs, such as bones, tendons and ligaments.

Is it necessary to complete eccentric strength training?

The supplement, as its name suggests, is nothing but a supplement to a balanced diet and should be viewed as a supplement to a varied diet. However, it is worth looking for products of impeccable quality and ensuring the necessary safety standards. Therefore, it is worth

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What products will prove useful during eccentric strength training? Definitely a protein supplement like 100% Whey Protein Complex, which will help enrich your daily diet with whole-value whey protein and help you maintain or increase your existing muscle mass. In

 addition, protein has a good effect in maintaining bone health. Also, creatine 1250 megacaps is a good choice. These capsules are the source of concentrated creatine monohydrate, which with proper daily dosage and regular exercise can lead to increased physical performance.

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