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Easter healthy menu

Easter healthy menu

Another party is on the horizon, and for some, cause to worry about their fitness. With the right cooking methods, you can easily make a healthy Easter menu. Is it possible that festive flavors don't pose a risk of weight gain and body fat gain?

How to prepare a healthy menu for Easter?

Salads, lunches and festive baked goods not only taste amazing, but also contain a huge amount of empty calories. Many traditional recipes use products rich in simple sugars and hydrogenated fats, which are certainly not part of a healthy diet. Digestive meals and a little

 exercise during an Easter family gathering can really mess up your metabolism. It is not difficult to develop stomach problems, overeating and lack of energy during Easter. All this is due to high-calorie products.

Simple tips for a healthy Easter menu

  • Forget about fatty creams to prepare sauces for savory dishes. Instead, use high-protein yogurt (for example, Greek or Icelandic), which will have a thicker consistency as the basis for the recipe.
  • You can make creams and fillings for cakes and other desserts using the aforementioned yogurt, cottage cheese, granola cheese, or plant-based dairy alternatives.
  • You can replace store-bought nut creams with nut pastes with no added salt, no sugar, and no hydrogenated fats.
  • You can substitute regular mayonnaise for a "light" version, or opt for the more popular vegan mayonnaise.
  • Prepare your salad dressings - Use high-quality virgin fats (such as olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, and flaxseed oil).
  • Eat plenty of raw vegetables - they are high in fiber, provide satiety, are low in sugars and limit excessive sugar spikes.
  • Instead of soda and colored drinks, make your own lemonade with mineral water, mint, lemon, rosemary, and cucumber.

Alternatives and Functional Foods for a Healthy Easter Menu

Brand Olimp Sport Nutrition has created a wide range of functional nutritional foods. The products represent a pharmaceutical standard, which is ensured by innovative research and development facilities, innovative production methods and microbiologically tested raw materials.

Olymp Zero Sauce is the perfect solution to sweeten your holiday. Each of the three flavors available (Double Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and Strawberry) is perfect to accompany waffles, muffins, muffins or waffles. People who use protein supplements in their diet can use sauces to enrich the taste of the prepared shakes. The practical packaging ensures that the product is easy to use.

Fans of hazelnut flavors can choose an interesting alternative in the form of creams and pastes. Cashew butter, peanut butter and almond butter are products made from carefully selected roasted nuts. The nut paste is completely free of added sugar, salt, and palm oil, which makes it ideal for reducing unnecessary calories in the recipes you prepare. Its creamy texture and pleasant flavor go well with ice cream or baked goods.


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