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Dog training for beginners. Why do we use it? Learn about exercises.

 Dog training for beginners. Why do we use it? Learn about exercises.

You have no experience in the field of sports and your goal is to change your current image? Cardio training for beginners is the perfect solution! Short and dynamic sessions that will allow you in a short time to effectively shape the body and improve the state of health compared to the current state.

What are the advantages of cardio training for beginners?

Aerobic training or endurance training, commonly known as cardio training, is an ideal form of physical activity for beginners as well as experienced exercisers. Its main goal is to significantly increase your heart rate and keep it at a high enough level until the end of your training program. This allows the athlete to improve his current endurance, improve his condition, as well as facilitate the formation of a slim figure and the burning of excess fatty tissue.

One of the main benefits of cardio training is the real improvement in the efficiency of the heart muscle. For beginners and those who do not have the proper level of training, this would be an ideal way to improve on the current performance. Coaches often decide to start out with amateurs by giving them oxidation training, which can be an effective form of conditioning the body with regular exercise. In addition, its benefits include helping to normalize cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure levels or reduce excessive levels of stress.

How can I perform cardio exercises better? There are three basic aspects that are very important for beginners. This is the situation :

Intensity - adapts to the existing capabilities of the coach; The intensity level should not impede or prevent proper exercise,

Duration - cardio exercises should be done dynamically and the entire plan should not be more than 45 minutes; Coaches recommend starting with short training sessions, up to 10 minutes, and systematically increasing their duration,

Repetition - According to experienced cardio trainers, it is best to do cardio exercises 3-4 times a week, but not day in and day out.

By adapting to it, you will be able to get the most out of your training sessions.

What kind of cardio exercises for beginners

The activities used in your training plan should be tailored to your individual experience and mobility. So you can safely assume that cardio training for beginners will be based on simple exercises. It must be remembered that physical exercise should not only be exhausting and effective, but also be a form of active recreation and pleasure for those who practice it. While a lot of difficulties can quickly get discouraged.

Cardio exercises can be done in fitness clubs, gyms, and at home. It's an ideal solution for beginners who don't always get the chance to practice outside of their four walls. What exercises are worth including in your personal training plan?

  • jumping exercises
  • bike
  • mountain running
  • Runs while staying in place
  • Jump rope
  • squat jumps
  • The stairs can also be climbed on a chest or chair

Is it worth taking a supplement during cardio training for beginners?

Increased psychophysical fatigue can be a significant obstacle to the effective performance of planned exercises. The first cardio workouts can be very challenging for beginners who will gradually adapt to their athletic lifestyle. However, it is useful to pre-enrich the daily diet with a complex of basic active ingredients, which will ensure the optimal functioning of the organism at high speed and with the high load required by physical exertion.


The brand Olimp Sport Nutrition Formula presents Chela MZB - capsules supplementing the diet with selected amounts of zinc and vitamin B6, which are among the most important components for maintaining a good acid-base balance (zinc), good energy metabolism (magnesium, vitamin B6) and a good functioning of the nervous system. These components

 help, among other things, to reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue (magnesium and vitamin B6), to maintain normal psychological functions (vitamin B6) or even to positively affect the electrolyte balance (magnesium). The preparation was developed in the

 laboratories of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories, which includes tested high-quality raw materials, modern production technology and composition according to the declarations on the label. It will be ideal for both beginners and experienced cardio enthusiasts who want to provide their body with beneficial nutritional support.


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