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Does it make sense to count calories? The main benefits of a balanced diet

 Does it make sense to count calories? The main benefits of a balanced diet

For many people, the term "diet" is synonymous with healthy eating. However, the real key to getting a lean body is to provide the optimum amount of energy. Does counting calories make sense? What are the benefits of eating a balanced diet?

Does counting calories make sense: optimal body weight control

People who want to maintain a healthy weight and avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of weight gain should choose to count calories. Thus they can ensure that the body receives the amount of energy needed to cover all needs, for example those that result from the current level of physical activity. When you know the level of your daily energy needs, it is much easier to prepare meals and reduce the risk of weight gain. Calorie counting is very important to maintain a healthy weight!

Does counting calories make sense: meal planning is easier

Many people are hesitant to eat a healthy, balanced diet due to the supposed difficulty of creating a menu. In fact, counting calories makes meal planning a lot easier. Each product has the appropriate calorie and macronutrient content, which allows you to choose your

 favorite ingredients for cooking. Counting calories also makes it easy to determine the chances of introducing a healthy, non-cheat meal into your diet, which should be considered a bonus and a break from the daily diet.

Does counting calories make sense: more efficient goal achievement

Physically active people know well that building muscle mass or reducing body fat is closely related to calorie counting. Only with an optimally selected excess or deficit of energy can you actually achieve your dream body shape or desired weight. Lack of knowledge of basic caloric needs prevents working effectively to achieve the desired result.

Does counting calories make sense: saves time

Although the beginning of your calorie counting adventure can be quite challenging, over time it is easy to find that your kitchen visits are less frequent. Gradually learning the calorie content of certain foods becomes a healthy habit that becomes automatic over time. After a few months, preparing meals to meet the required needs will be very fast, and the introduction of possible changes to the food plan will not cause the slightest problem.

Is it wise to count calories: No danger from the yo-yo effect

Complete weight loss often carries the risks of the yo-yo effect, which can be easily defined as uncontrolled weight gain. Counting calories is one of the most effective ways to reduce them. That's why nutritionists and nutritionists recommend that after losing weight, aim to gradually increase your energy intake.

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