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Does fasting help in losing weight?

 Does fasting help in losing weight?

Fasting is becoming more and more common today. Inexpensive, simple, healthy, efficient and easy to set up. More and more people are willing to do weight loss and detoxification therapies. But does fasting allow you to lose weight permanently? Does it have an effect on fashion or does it have real benefits for the body? Weasyo gives an overview of these new generation fasting-based diets.

Two different types of fasting you should know

When we talk about a fasting diet, it could be:

Complete and continuous fasting for several days

Intermittent fasting lasts for a few hours.

To do a complete fast, you must stop eating for at least 24 hours. You can hydrate yourself (water, tea, or soup) but you shouldn't swallow anything "hard".

To continue intermittent fasting, you will need to take a 16-hour break between two meals. During the rest of the day you can eat normally.

By reducing the calories we eat in this way, we can easily imagine fasting as an effective weight loss and weight loss solution, but it's not that simple...

Is fasting really a weight loss diet?

The question really arises. Many scholars have studied the topic and opinions are still sometimes mixed.

However, it has now been clearly established that complete fasting has no interest in losing weight for a prolonged period. In fact, even if it is true that you will lose weight quickly (up to 2 kg in some cases!), you will likely gain it back quickly once the fast is over.

So it does not improve the silhouette in the long run!

On the other hand, it is really well known for its “detox” effect on the body. It can be considered as a very effective way to protect the body from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, premature aging of the body ...

In short, complete fasting should be seen more as a "healthy" tool that helps maintain good health rather than an effective diet!

Regarding intermittent fasting, researchers do not insist. Its effectiveness in losing weight can be compared to that of a low-calorie diet. It all depends on your daily calorie intake for the rest of the day!

In other words, if you eat sensibly the rest of the time, it can completely replace a calorie-restricted diet...

So, if you feel more comfortable with this type of diet and follow this diet regularly, then intermittent fasting can help you lose weight, improve your health and keep your muscles! Therefore, it has many important benefits for your health...

See intermittent fasting: the benefits and drawbacks

How to start your fast well?

  • To take full advantage of your fasting, some concepts are still known.
  • Fasting that suits you: alternating daytime fasting, water fasting,
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Safety instructions to follow
  • Objectives to be achieved


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