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Discover 5 health tips for people who work from home

 Discover 5 health tips for people who work from home

Telecommuting, once an attractive alternative, is now proving to be an entirely new way of professional activity. Opinions about working from home are divided, but whatever the opinions are, you have to adjust to it. What to consider when moving into a home office? Here are 5 health tips for those staying at home!

Health tips for working from home: Work environment at the workstation

Workstations are well-equipped in many corporate offices. Most employers care about the health of their team members, which can be neglected when working in an office for a long time. That is why people who work in a home office should ensure that working conditions at home have a similar level of work environment. What exactly should you pay attention to?

  • Height and position of the furniture in relation to your height
  • Adequate lighting and appropriate screen filters
  • The optimum level of temperature and humidity in the room
  • Comfortable seat and special back cushions to help maintain correct posture
  • Health tips for working from home: working in intervals

After sitting in front of the screen, a large number of people “freeze” for a few hours in a row. Constant work in a sitting position is not only lazy, but also has a negative effect on the condition of your muscles. Office workers who spend long periods in front of the computer

 suffer from many functional problems, for example weak abdominal muscles or excessive tightening of structures in the lumbar region. Personal trainers and physical therapists advise people who work from home to set aside 5 minutes for every hour of work to change positions and temporarily move away from their desks.

Health tips for working from home: regular physical activity

Telecommuting and the long-term view of working from home increases the chances of reducing previous levels of physical activity. For some people, going to the office was the only form of exercise. A very valuable health tip for those staying at home is to set aside at least 15 minutes a day for a short workout. All kinds of exercises are possible: walking, floor exercises, bodybuilding, cardio at home. All options will be much better than constantly sitting at the computer.

Health tips for working from home: a handy water bottle

When you're in the office, don't forget to stay hydrated. Many people decide to have a drink only when they are thirsty. Make sure to drink water regularly, as it is a valuable source of minerals (such as magnesium) that support nervous system functions and help reduce fatigue.

Health tips for working from home: Take care of your eyes

Vision deterioration is a common problem for people who work long hours in front of a computer screen. When working in a home office, it is especially important to keep your eyes in good shape. It is worth enriching the daily diet with the supplement Gold-Luteina

 from Olimp Labs, whose multi-component composition will help maintain the good condition of your eyes. The combination of zinc, vitamin E, lutein, DHA (omega-3) and zeaxanthin provides multi-level support and optimal protection against a number of harmful factors (such as free radical oxygen or long-term emissions).


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