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Discover the 5 best sources of plant protein!

 Discover the 5 best sources of plant protein!

According to many people, it is difficult to include valuable sources of vegetable protein in the daily menu. While these foods are actually commonly available. What are the best products? What should be added to existing meals to enrich them with vegetable proteins?

Do you know the top 5 sources of plant protein?

The role of protein in the daily diet is very important for maintaining a varied diet and optimal health. Protein is essentially a building block in muscle tissue, helping to increase and maintain existing body mass. In addition, they promote the maintenance of good bone health and supply the body with essential amino acids that, among other things, contribute to protecting these muscles from unwanted deterioration reactions caused by intense physical activity.

The popular myth about the higher value of animal proteins (such as whey, eggs, and meat) has already been disproved. In practice, plant proteins are an equally effective source of essential nutrients and many valuable amino acids. It is often stated that vegetarians and vegans have a harder time building muscle mass or developing an athletic figure, which is

 clearly not true. By choosing the right products that are high in protein, they provide the body with the means to build strong muscles. What plant protein sources have been shown to be the best choice? Here are the top 5 foods to include in your daily diet:

  • soy
  • nuts
  • wild rice
  • Pumpkin seeds (and other seeds)
  • peas (and other pods, such as beans)

However, it must be remembered that the level of bioavailability of the proteins present makes it impossible to assimilate the full content of the proteins accumulated in these foods. Therefore, it is worth enriching the daily diet with additional support, in the form of nutrients rich in proteins, which can be an interesting alternative to this list.

What nutritional supplements can be considered among the best sources of plant protein?

The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand offers high quality products that can be an additional source of plant protein in your daily diet. All nutrients and supplements have been prepared from ingredients tested for microbiological purity. In addition, the products for vegetarians and vegans produced in the modern laboratories of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories are free from ingredients of animal origin, which gives certainty that the best products meet the necessary standards, including in terms of safety.

The Nourishing Plant Protein Complex is a unique blend of high-quality proteins obtained from wild rice, pumpkin seeds and peas, obtained in the form of an easily soluble powder (available in natural flavor or chocolate flavor). Each serving complements the diet with 20g of complete value protein, which will support the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Furthermore, Nutrients Sojavit 85 is a very good source of soy protein in the form of highly absorbable isolate (SPI), rich in lecithin and L-carnitine.


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