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Discover 30 ideas for actively spending time outside!

 Discover 30 ideas for actively spending time outside!

Summer sunshine hits our windows and the high temperature encourages us to go outside and breathe fresh air. Stop your sedentary life and enjoy the fun of the holiday period! Don't know how to actively relax during your next vacation? We have prepared 30 suggestions, which will definitely not leave you bored and will allow you to spend your free time in a fun way!

Why should you choose an outdoor activity?

Good weather and favorable weather conditions aren't just a great way to escape life within the four walls of your home or crowded fitness center. Mother Nature and the summer vibe have a number of valuable health benefits that we should take full advantage of, as long as we get the chance. What positive aspects can be expected from actively spending time outdoors?

Maintaining an adequate level of vitamin D3 - the natural synthesis of this component in the skin occurs under the influence of sunlight and its role is extremely important for daily nutrition and optimal health, as it contributes, among other things, to the maintenance of the common good. Bone condition, increases the use of calcium and phosphorous from food, promotes proper functioning of the immune system and good muscle work.

Oxygen the body - despite all efforts to ventilate the room, nothing can replace a breath of fresh air in the fresh air! Ensuring adequate oxygenation has an invaluable impact on many important activities in our daily lives, such as better focus, improved appetite, increased energy and even fatigue.

Improve mood and reduce stress - the color of the surrounding greenery combined with the sounds of nature will surely make it easy to calm down and get rid of excessive irritability. Outdoor recreation will undoubtedly be more effective in relieving tensions.

A break from technology and excessive urbanization - although spending the summer in the city has its charms, the real rest is in nature! We don't need to immediately escape to a wild place far from the world. Sometimes all it takes is a simple getaway to the countryside or to areas away from the bustling city center to find real relief from the massive infrastructure.

Discover 30 ideas for active outdoor entertainment!

Vacations and free time are subject to their own rules, so of course a few days of inactivity are allowed. But in the long run, inactivity turns out to be worthless. So why not take advantage of the moment and do something useful for yourself?! There are many great solutions that you can try and learn something completely new! Here is a list of 30 ideas that you can implement in your spare time and outdoors!


Jogging is definitely the king of outdoor activities which, for true enthusiasts, are practiced all year round and whatever the weather conditions. Moreover, for starters, running does not require a lot of money: a pair of comfortable shoes and clothes will suffice, goodwill and

 perseverance are enough for the rest. You can run alone, as a couple or in a larger group of friends. Every moment is good and running trails (especially those outside the city) allow you to safely enjoy nature and work on your condition at the same time.


Vacations are clearly related to the water: some of us decide to spend our vacation by the sea, others choose the surrounding lakes. Swimming is one of the hottest summer events and is definitely a good way to spend time actively outdoors. Especially since its effect on the body is of great value. By swimming we can engage almost every muscle, shape the body, and regulate breathing. In addition, swimming makes it possible to harden before winter and get the desired tan more quickly.

Hiking in the mountains and the surrounding area

However, if the sea wasn't the subject of our summer sighs, the mountain would be a much better solution. These, as is known, not only impress with their majesty, but undoubtedly help to calm down and gather thoughts. Mountain passes are also a test of one's endurance and a test of character, not forgetting the necessary safety rules, especially since weather conditions can change in a very short time!


Summer is definitely a perfect time for short and long bike routes, and it's a great way to get to know the area and get away from the city. With minimal spending and in the interest of health (including leg muscles and respiratory capacity), it is possible to spend your free time in an active way. It is worth noting the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding nature and find many charming places. Racing bikes will be perfect for people who ride on tracks, while off-road bikes are for lovers of roads in the jungle.

north walk

Walking with canes can be clearly associated with physical activity and recreation for the elderly. No wonder: Nordic walking sticks are an excellent way to relieve joints, allowing you to cover long distances without weighing them down or risking an unexpected bruise.

 Although it may seem very simple, learning the correct Nordic walking technique takes time. It is worth noting that there are many ways in Poland that allow you to practice this type of walking. The two poles allow the muscles of the upper body to be more involved (especially the shoulders and shoulder girdle).

Street training and gymnastics exercises

In recent years, the popularity of bar training has grown incredibly, due, among other things, to the low costs associated with these forms of activity, the accessibility of the places where they are practiced and, above all, the general effect on the formation of a good silhouette. Building! Street training is an increasingly popular option among young people who focus on the dynamic development of the body and its motor skills. In addition, unlike regular

 strength training, gymnastics exercises allow you to better understand and feel your body, improve your mobility, and teach you proper movement technique. All this is possible during training in the open air: places for training on the streets are no longer the prerogative of not only big cities, but also of small villages. Training sessions are conducted in smaller or larger groups and are a good way to make new friends.

Tennis and badminton

These two systems are a great way to play competitively in pairs or fours, giving the opportunity to have more fun than in the case of sports played alone. While tennis matches should be played on specially designed courts, badminton (also known as badminton) can be played at the beach or at campgrounds. Each discipline will be a great way to test your reflexes, agility, and coordination. In addition, these two sports do not carry an excessive risk of bruising and can be practiced at almost any age.

Hiking in the woods

Recreational and physical activities don't always have to be about race and feeling competitive. Sometimes a simple walk in the fresh air with the natural sounds of nature is enough. A walk in the woods is definitely one of the best ways to spend some time outdoors and it will really allow you to get rid of any signs of stress or fatigue caused by the urban environment.


A system of training based on specific foundations (exercises) and various postures that has its roots in Indian culture and its positive impact on the body is felt both in the body and in the mind. Yoga allows you to find a good balance between physical, psychological and emotional, promotes relaxation of the structures of the musculoskeletal system, improves blood circulation and breathing ability and helps eliminate pain in the spine. All you need for training is a rug, comfortable clothing, and good weather.

gymnastics and stretching

Stretching exercises are certainly an important part of outdoor training, which is mainly related to its valuable effect on fitness and body work. Like yoga, it increases the flexibility of the joint capsules or ligaments, has a positive effect on the range of motion, has a valuable effect on muscle nutrition and ensures an optimal level of movement. In addition, stretching exercises help to eliminate the accumulated stress caused by excessive muscle tension to a large extent.

Team games and sports

Football, basketball, volleyball, and many other team sports can easily be considered the most active outdoor leisure activities. Today, the availability of sports grounds makes it possible to hold sports competitions in comfortable conditions, and is an excellent alternative to an indoor hall. Team games have a pronounced effect on physical fitness

 (especially on physical performance), but they also make it possible to form character, develop the ability to work in a team, think logically, and in particular accept defeats in cases of losing matches.

Outdoor gyms

A well-equipped outdoor gym can be an ideal alternative to the equipment in a health club. Quite often, you can notice places where there are outdoor sports equipment or free-weight areas that allow you to perform a complex full-body workout. Instead of staying in a crowded, stuffy gym, it's better to work on your figure in good weather. Especially since the holiday sun will help burn the accumulated fat.


Bicycle paths can also serve as routes for fans of other two-wheeled motorcycles. The wheels will be a perfect replacement for the car. Although learning at first can be problematic, over time we will certainly begin to appreciate its benefits, which are to develop better balance, better coordination and even improve weight loss and maintain a healthy body weight.

Boat and water bike

Another suggestion for those vacationing in large or small waters is to rent navigation equipment. An organized boat trip is an ideal exercise for the back and shoulder muscles, and in the case of a trip for two, it is a very good way to improve the ability to cooperate

 and communicate with each other. In the case of water bikes, we will definitely give our legs a good workout, which at the same time will allow us to find a secluded place (for example in the middle of a lake) and “leave problems” on the shore.

Field games and activities

It's a great way to feel like a kid again and make your time outside the city even more interesting. On the Internet, you can find many proposals for games suitable for specific age groups or terrain conditions that you have encountered. Some of them have a typical

 locomotive character, others can be an excellent form for learning practical and new skills (for example, survival techniques): but all of them will allow you to compete with your friends and will be an ideal way to fight boredom!

Skateboard or longboard

Another solution for eco-style tours is a skateboard or its modern equivalent called a longboard. These two boards make it much easier to maintain balance and provide greater stability than wheels. It also has a beneficial effect on developing abdominal and leg muscles, improving physical endurance and allowing learning to coordinate and maintain fluid body movements.

Kite surfing

This is another excellent suggestion for those who choose to rest actively by the water. In windsurfing, a modified version of the classic sport of windsurfing, a kite is used to glide through the water. This extreme sport has an excellent balancing effect on the body, strengthens muscles, facilitates relaxation, and is a real rush of adrenaline and satisfaction in the fight against the marine element.


An indisputable advantage of golf is its universality: it is a sport that is recommended for practically any age, but, despite its calm character compared to other disciplines, it also requires an appropriate physical condition. Golf is above all about focusing on learning, self-control, precision and calmness. The low popularity of this sport in our country is dictated by rather high costs. Therefore, a good alternative is minigolf, which allows a classic game on specially designed tracks.


Fans of intense sensations and true fatigue will surely appreciate the magic of the triathlon, which is a combination of three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. It is a truly humbling sport and an incredible test of one's abilities. It makes it possible to shape the physical condition in a universal way, to improve the appearance of the silhouette, to

 increase performance and especially to overcome its weaknesses! You can learn more about triathlon, training and all things related to this discipline thanks to the "Monday with triathlon" series, developed by Olympus Sport Nutrition and Robert Carey, record holder and world champion in Ironman Triathlon.

Running with the dog

People who have trouble packing and getting motivated to run can run their dogs! Running with a dog is the perfect way to spend some active time outdoors with your friend, who is sure to be happy and follow you along the way! And the goodness of combining pleasure and benefit is killing two birds with one stone, as it is said.

Beach group games

We are back again for vacations at the water's edge. Some beaches and coastal resorts may have wilderness sites nearby or a suitable place for sporting activities. Volleyball or beach ball will be an ideal form of active recreation and an alternative for those who do not want to spend the whole day lying on a blanket. Especially since the sandy surface of the field is very pleasant and often requires more commitment from the players.

Functional training with equipment on the field

Outdoor workouts are a frequent component of many personal trainers' offerings, and as such provide a haven from the gym routine. Especially if the weather is good and the heat and the sun help reduce the fat accumulated in the body. There is a lot of great sports

 equipment that can be used for outdoor training: bell weights, TRX hanging straps or soft training straps. Without any problem, we will be able to train the whole body, improve condition and build muscle strength.

Aerobics and fitness

Good news for lovers of exercise and fitness: more and more fitness centers are choosing to organize outdoor training. In most cases, the training area is located near the center, and the matches themselves are played in practically identical groups. More space, more air, beautiful weather and equally positive energy!


Although petanque, unlike other activities, is not a dynamic discipline, it is definitely a good way to spend some time outside. What are the rules of this game? It is a team sport that consists of throwing balls towards a smaller ball (called a jack or a small ball). The win is won by the team that puts its own balls close to the "goal". It is an ideal form of entertainment for a lazy afternoon that allows you to learn patience and accuracy as well as anticipation and planning skills.

EMOM and HIIT exercises

Both training methods are ideal for people who have limited free time and at the same time do not want to give up their active free time. The EMOM method (every minute per minute - 1 minute to complete a set) consists of performing a specified number of repetitions in 60 seconds. The remaining time is a pause. For example, if you do 8 repetitions of a specific

 exercise in 45 seconds, you have 15 seconds of rest. It is a dynamic training system that definitely saves time and ensures high intensity. Most workout plans allow you to train your entire body in about 15 minutes!

And since we're talking about intensity, it's also worth considering HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training. This is an amateur and professional training program that lasts no more than 30 minutes. Its principles are simple: the ratio between intense effort and rest

 is 1: 4 (for example, for 15 seconds one exercise at the highest intensity and for another 60 seconds at a moderate intensity, which is also a form of rest). Either way, remember to start the exercise with a warm-up and end it with a stretching session.

Flying saucer

Playing Frisbee is an excellent proposition in almost all conditions in nature. All we need is enough space, a disk to throw it in, and in fact, we're ready to play! The number of people who participate in the game is usually unlimited, and we can freely modify and diversify it according to our own rules (eg Ultimate Frisbee) and even involve our dogs (Frisbee for Dogs). This game helps in training dexterity, stamina, speed and, above all, provides a lot of fun and positive energy!

Tree climbing park

Fans of adrenaline and highland recreation can take advantage of the offer of tree-climbing parks nearby: they are specially designed and installed on wooden structures that allow you to practice a sport similar to mountaineering. Courses are adapted to the progression and true level of fitness, while the safety of participants is supervised by qualified instructors.

 All this in a wonderful natural setting, fresh air and incredible views to offer real benefits for our condition: the roads in rope gardens require strong commitment of the shoulder muscles and endurance, the maintenance of balance and trunk balance.

Mountain climbing and mountain climbing

Those who are looking for more thrills and want something more than a climbing wall can try mountain climbing. In this case, it will be necessary to be in good shape and have strong arms that facilitate the crossing of paths. Of course, it is necessary to act according to the means, and beginners should definitely take their first approach with more experienced colleagues. And don't forget proper undercut, which is the primary safety element when climbing!

mushroom collection

Hiking in the forest can be combined with abundant mushroom picking in summer and during holidays. However, we must not forget that, in addition to edible species, there are also many dangerous and poisonous ones. That's why you should always look for the well-known mushrooms and consider picking themselves an opportunity to get out of the city and away from civilization.


At the end of the list, we recommend the paintball matches, which can definitely be considered an active and adrenaline-filled holiday! Playgrounds are mostly woodlands or areas with abandoned buildings outdoors. Their sizes are really varied, but each match requires the participants to have speed and good form to beat the opposing team. If you haven't had a chance to try it before, it's worth catching up!


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