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Discover the 3 myths about high protein diets!

 Discover the 3 myths about high protein diets!

Many people have a misconception about protein-rich diets, which leads to doubts and inaccuracies about their effectiveness or their application in daily life. Which of these myths is repeated most often? These are the three most common myths related to high-protein diets.

3 Myths About High Protein Diets: Problematic Requirements

Many people say that using high-protein diets is associated with eating massive amounts of protein. Nothing could be further from the truth! According to experts, the daily protein intake for an adult and a person who regularly exercises should be between 1.6 and 2 g/kg of body weight and should be adjusted according to a number of important factors, such as

 gender, current weight, exercise goal and intensity level. However, if maintaining optimal intake is an issue, it is worth supporting your daily diet with protein supplements or protein-rich snacks in the form of bars or muffins, which are offered by the brand! Which one is worth choosing?

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  • 3 myths about high-protein diets: only animal protein

Another frequently repeated myth about a high-protein diet is the firm belief that plant-based protein has nothing to do with building muscle mass or getting into shape. This is ridiculous! Plant proteins contain as many valuable amino acids as animal proteins, and the products that make up their source contain more fiber than meat or eggs. However, the assimilation is worse and the body does not absorb much of the protein.

That's why Olimp Sport Nutrition has created a unique Plant Protein Complex - an easily soluble powder product with a natural or chocolate flavour, that delivers a blend of high-quality proteins from pumpkin seeds, peas and brown rice in every serving! The product was created for vegetarians and vegans, which is proven by the complete absence of components of animal origin. The product does not contain lactose, gluten, sugar and common allergens.

3 myths about high-protein diets: Losing weight is more difficult

Finally, the true classic, the constant perception of a high-protein diet as a limited option for getting rid of extra pounds. Protein is a macronutrient that brings satiety to the body, and the digestive system itself requires adequate participation in the digestive process. This is strong evidence that a high protein diet is a great support for weight control and weight loss. In

 addition, proteins do not contain many calories and help maintain muscle mass. That is why, after getting rid of fat, they provide favorable conditions for further training of your athletic body! The myth of the strict use of this diet has long been refuted only among specialists.


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