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Diet in diabetes - what to remember and what to avoid?

 Diet in diabetes - what to remember and what to avoid?

A well-designed diet is essential for diabetics. Diabetic diet, which is one of the main elements of treatment, should be strictly adhered to. What should be considered when creating the list? What should you pay attention to if you have a sugar conversion problem?

Diabetes Diet: Maintain a Low Glycemic Index

The most important component of treating people with abnormal blood sugar levels is a properly planned diet. For diabetes, it is important to remember that meals should use products with a low glycemic index (GI). It is an indicator of how quickly your blood sugar rises after eating a particular food. The faster the product is digested in the digestive system, the higher the GI value and the faster the sugar peak.

What products have a high glycemic index? Mainly those that are processed. Salty snacks, sweets, soft drinks and fast food are the main contraindications for diabetic diet plan. However, "fast food" is not the only one that is dangerous for diabetes. The diet of people with diabetes should be free from products rich in simple sugars (eg glucose and fructose), which cause a sudden rise in sugar and uncontrolled insulin secretion after eating. The list of prohibited foods is remarkably long:

  • White, brown sugar and honey
  • Light wheat bread and baked goods
  • Certain vegetables (such as pumpkin and potatoes)
  • Sweetened milk and dairy products (for example, yogurt)
  • High in fruit (including dried fruit and liqueur)
  • Certain groats (such as millet), grains (such as corn), and white rice.
  • It should also be noted that diabetics can use low-calorie sweeteners such as erythrol, stevia, xylitol and sweeteners.

Diet in case of diabetes: compose fatty meals

Does this mean that a diabetic diet is completely devoid of carbohydrates? Nothing like. Nutritionists suggest that diabetics can eat fruits (especially not very ripe), but they should be combined with other products. For example, mix a handful of raspberries with unsweetened natural yoghurt with the addition of nuts - the organism will not experience severe hyperglycemia and sudden secretion of insulin.

Diabetic diet: Pay attention to food preparation

Excessive pasta will cause the sugar content to rise more strongly than Aldente pasta. Baked potatoes will cause a more intense insulin rush than steamed ones. In a diabetic diet, it is important to remember that the method of cooking a meal affects the glycemic index values ​​​​of various components.

Diet for diabetics: eating raw vegetables

Diabetics should take care to regularly eat raw vegetables before meals and as an accompaniment. The fiber contained in raw vegetables is a real ally of a diabetic diet: in addition to its valuable effect on the digestive system and the feeling of satiety, it prevents an uncontrolled increase in blood sugar.

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