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DHA - main properties and optimum need

 DHA - main properties and optimum need

Can fats be healthy? Ingredients like DHA confirm that maintaining an adequate amount of valuable fats can have beneficial effects. What are its characteristics and how does it cover its daily needs?

What is DHA and what are its natural sources?

Under the abbreviation DHA, it is a chemical belonging to the group of polyunsaturated fatty acids, commonly called omega-3 fatty acids. This compound has an exogenous character - this means that, like BCAA amino acids, among other things, it is not produced in the body and must be provided in the daily diet. It is advisable to change the consumable products, which should be processed as little as possible.

Where is it worth getting docosahexaenoic acid? According to experts, the highest content of DHA is found mainly in seaweed and the like. The algae-eating fish mentioned above have also proven to be an equally good source. Marine fish species (such as cod, shark, and herring) and the oils extracted from them (their concentration is usually referred to as “fish oil”) contain a high level of DHA – which is why the Mediterranean diet and the regular diet recommend fish consumption. To maintain a good state of fat management.

Are the properties of DHA beneficial for health?

Today it is not known that omega-3 fatty acids are an essential component of a varied diet. The best evidence for this is the properties of polyunsaturated fat compounds, the effect of which on the state and functioning of the organism includes a variety of different aspects. In the case of DHA, its real effect on the cardiovascular system comes to the fore - specialists confirm that maintaining an optimal level of this component in the daily diet is extremely important for the proper functioning of the heart 1 .

In addition, docosahexaenoic acid has an impact on a series of other aspects that are no less important in terms of good health. Regular DHA supplementation may be beneficial in maintaining proper eyesight function2 and promoting optimal brain function3.

What are the daily DHA requirements?

Currently, the opinions of many specialists and the current state of knowledge indicate that the daily requirement for DHA in adults should fluctuate around 250 mg of this active substance. This amount may be optimal in order for DHA to have beneficial effects in the body. However, people who avoid fish in their daily diet can increase the dose to 600 mg per day.

The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand presents the product Gold Omega-3 Sport Edition - soft capsules that enrich the daily diet with a portion of 1000 mg of high-quality fish oil, which has a content of omega-3 fatty acids that can reach 65% (including 22% concentrated DHA). !). The product prepared by the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories, in

 which raw materials tested for their microbiological purity were used, is designed for all lovers of a varied diet. It is an excellent solution for people who avoid fish in their daily diet and at the same time want to ensure an optimal supply of polyunsaturated omega-3.

1 The beneficial effect is seen if 250 mg EPA and DHA are consumed daily.

2 The beneficial effect is seen if 250 mg of DHA is consumed daily.

3 The beneficial effect is seen if you take 250 mg of DHA per day.


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