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Detoxing the Body - Facts and Myths About Cleansing Metabolism

 Detoxing the Body - Facts and Myths About Cleansing Metabolism

Detoxing the body is a multi-step process that definitely requires a proper commitment. However, over the years many facts and myths have emerged about the most effective way to cleanse the metabolism. Here is a list of the most important considerations to help free your body of accumulated toxins and unnecessary metabolic products.

Detox Facts and Myths: An Ineffective Fasting Diet

One of the most common myths about detoxing the body is the one that mentions the vital role of fasting. Even though the current knowledge of nutrition and supplementation has been incredibly advanced, you will still come across people who mention the very effective role of consciously restricting calories during the day. Eating plans that rely solely on water

 or "juice therapy" often prove to be very effective in combating excess weight. However, in such a short time, you can expect the yo-yo effect, a deterioration in your mood and a noticeable feeling of fatigue. Occasional fasting and limiting the consumption of certain products to a few days can prove to be an interesting approach. However, starving yourself does more harm than good.

Facts and myths about detoxing the body: water as a true ally

It has been widely claimed for many years that maintaining an optimal level of hydration is essential to effectively cleansing the body. no wonder. Water accelerates the metabolic rate, which leads to an increase in the natural processes of detoxification and the elimination of accumulated secondary metabolites. It is they that make possible effective renal filtration, which is one of the main ways of eliminating toxins from the body.

However, it must be remembered that water not only has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Almost all devices need to function properly, and their shortcomings are noticeable practically everywhere. Proper hydration of the body affects, among other things, the condition and condition of the skin, the efficiency of the nervous system and general immunity.

Facts and Myths About Detoxing: Help Yourself with Supplements

Opinions about nutritional supplements may differ, but some substances have value in removing toxins from the body. The examples are numerous. Standardized plant extracts (artichoke or milk thistle, for example) contain beneficial active ingredients that can be valuable for the proper functioning of the liver. Others (such as nettle and cranberry) have a positive effect on the process of diuresis and promote the elimination of excess water accumulated under the skin. In this way, they help maintain the optimal condition of the genitourinary system.

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