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Creatine during training - what to combine with it? Improve your results!

 Creatine during training - what to combine with it? Improve your results!

Athletes' use of creatine should not surprise anyone. It is one of the most famous active substances, and its beneficial effect on increasing the physical condition has been repeatedly confirmed by the results of numerous scientific studies. Is there a way to increase its efficiency? What is it worth combining creatine with strength and endurance training to ensure better results?

Creatine during training - what can be combined with it? dextrose

Specialists often mention that when using creatine for strength training, carbohydrates would be a good choice. Dextrose deserves special attention, which, in addition to its effect on resupplying the muscles with depleted glycogen, can be useful as a transporter of creatine. What should be combined with dextrose? As part of supporting the action of creatine, magnesium and taurine are recommended.

The above ingredients can be obtained in the form of a dietary supplement, the best example of which is Olymp Sport Nutrition Dextrix juice. It is a powder product with a refreshing fruity taste, which, after dissolving in water, makes it possible to prepare a delicious drink. The good solubility of the product allows you to enrich it with the aforementioned creatine, giving you a valuable combination of ingredients for your case.

Creatine during training - what do you combine it with? protein supplements

It has long been known that protein plays an important role in the daily diet. Proteins are an essential component of a varied diet, helping to maintain and develop existing muscle mass. By combining it with creatine nutrients during regular strength training, there is a good chance of increased efficiency when working on muscular shape.

In the case of protein supplements, the choice is very simple - the Whey Protein Complex from the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand not only tastes great, but also two versions of whey protein. The combination of classic WPC concentrate and WPI isolate, which has different absorption kinetics, will allow the muscles to release the nutrients present in the optimal way and distribute them evenly. Creatine during training - what is it associated with? Pre-Workout Supplements

During an intense workout aimed at stimulating muscle hypertrophy, additional support will be beneficial. Creatine may not be enough, so it is beneficial to combine it with preparations usually called pre-workouts. Usually it is a mixture of several active substances, designed, for example, to induce a muscle pump effect, reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, or maintain an adequate energy metabolism.

In the case of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand offering, the pre-workout nutrient Redweiler deserves special attention. This is a complete and well-studied combination of several active ingredients. The composition of the product includes, among other things, the following elements AAKG, beta-alanine, caffeine, B vitamins or even highly standardized plant

 extracts. The formula also includes a small addition of creatine (monohydrate and MTC malate), which proves the correctness of the combination of this active substance with the above-mentioned ingredients. For those who love convenience, there's the easy-to-use R-Weiler Shot that's easy to take for training and works just as effectively as the powder version. The beneficial effect occurs if you consume 3 g of creatine per day.


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