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Cooking Tips: 11 Tips to Cook Like a Pro

 Cooking Tips: 11 Tips to Cook Like a Pro

The soup is too salty, the onions make you cry and the cabbage smell wafts from the house for days: even though you love eating, cooking can be a source of frustration. Unless you know these eleven professional cooking tips. They will make preparing your dishes easier, save you time and help you make delicious culinary creations!

Cooking Tips: 11 Tips to Cook Like a Pro

Kitchen Tip #1: Don't let anything burn

We've burned a plate before. It can pass very quickly, especially if there is cream or milk in the pan. Constant stirring of the lotion should help remedy this. But who has time to do that when you have

 to chop an onion and press a garlic at the same time? Here's a great trick to prevent sauces and other sauces from becoming inedible: Put a glass or metal marble in the pan. It will automatically ensure that the liquid remains in motion during cooking and that no film forms at the bottom

Kitchen Tip #2: Preserve highly salty dishes

After the burnt dishes, the highly salty dishes are the greatest culinary drama ever. The good news is that you can still save your preparation by using the potato trick. Depending on the amount of

 food being prepared, peel a small or medium-sized potato and place it in the pan for a few minutes. The tuber vegetables will absorb the excess salt and soups, stews, or curries will be edible again.

Cooking Tip #3: Peel the onions cleanly

We bet peeling onions isn't one of your favorite kitchen activities right now. Thin skin usually peels off with difficulty and sticks to the knife, board, and fingers. You not only waste time, but patience as

 well. But there is nothing simpler to remedy this: immerse the onion for a few seconds in hot water. Thus, its peel becomes submerged in water and can be removed in one piece.

Kitchen Tip 4: An alternative to peeling potatoes

Potatoes are a great alternative to pasta and rice if you want to reduce your carb intake. But that's without relying on the tedious exfoliation step! You can easily avoid them thanks to this great cooking trick: cook the potatoes with the peel and then soak them in ice water. The skin will peel off on its own within minutes.

Tip: Find out here how potatoes can help you lose weight and what are our favorite recipes with this beloved vegetable!

Cooking Tip 5: Peel the ginger

Ginger root is a true powerhouse and essential in the kitchen. Shot ginger, lemon water with ginger or carrot and ginger soup, whatever the recipe, this tuber spices up drinks and dishes to make them real fitness boosters. The only thing we deplore is that when peeling it

 with a knife, we lose a significant amount of its precious flesh in the process. So this trick should be known to all ginger lovers: use a teaspoon and scrape the skin with it. Thus, you will only remove the core and you will be able to use the entire root.

Kitchen Tip 6: No More Sticky Dough

Do you rejoice at the idea of ​​eating delicious, fresh spaghetti like the ones in an Italian restaurant, but instead end up with a pile of sticky pasta on your plate? If you use water a lot or if you don't mix the

 pasta regularly enough, they will stick together a little bit. To break it up, bring the water back to a boil, immerse it in it, mix it briefly and then drain it.

Kitchen Tip #7: Squeeze garlic without making it your new flavor

Do you love eating garlic, but are you also one of those people who don't like their hands smelling so smelly afterwards? Then this kitchen tip comes in time: Next time, just put the cloves with the peel

 into a garlic squeezer. The thin skin will not be crushed and will remain in the press. This way you avoid the intense garlic smell without having to give up its delicious aroma.

Cooking Tip #8: Chop the tomatoes

Tomato-Mozzarella, This is one of our favorite dishes, especially in the summer. This simple dish, beautifully arranged on a platter, is also a feast for the eyes. Herein lies the whole problem. When slicing

 tomatoes, the flesh and seeds tend to fade, which is not very appetizing! To successfully cut beautiful slices, put the tomatoes on the board, put the pulp to the side, and use a serrated knife. Thus, the seeds will remain in place!

Tip #9: Make the perfect scrambled eggs

For an extra dose of protein, why not make delicious scrambled eggs? The recipe is simple and quick to prepare. If you are also a fan of scrambled eggs, you can not ignore this method of cooking. Add a little orange juice to the dish and prepare the garnish as usual. Once you try, you won't want to eat your eggs any other way!

Kitchen Tip #10: Cut Onions Without Crying

Swimming goggles, gurgling or wheezing. When it comes to chopping onions, we are very creative. But no wonder, because it's never nice to have tears flowing every time. Most of the tricks are

 effective, but to an extent. Except for this: Put some olive oil on the blade of the knife before each slicing. To do this, soak a paper towel in the oil. So aggressive onion juice will stick to the knife and not jump in your face.

Would you rather save your olive oil? So put the onion bulbs in the freezer for 20 minutes before chopping them.

Kitchen Tip 11: Cook without cabbage smell at home

Kale and cabbage leaf salad with millet, peanut butter and protein, vegetable pancakes made with white cabbage: Cabbage can be prepared in many ways and is also very healthy! In the fitness kitchen, at least, a must. You may love this fall vegetable, but its

 pungent, persistent aroma bothers you? Then you need to know this pro tip: when preparing cabbage, pour a large piece of bread crust into the pan. The pungent smell of cabbage will certainly not be completely eliminated, but it will significantly reduce it.


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