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Companies: solutions for employees who work from home?

 Companies: solutions for employees who work from home?

Remote work has become the norm for many employees and companies. Physiotherapists are overwhelmed by the many back and neck pain consultations related to telecommuting. Indeed, drastic change in habits related to the health context is not without consequences for the health of employees. How is this new way of working remotely organized and what provisions can be easily put in place? Small or large business, there are simple, effective and affordable solutions.

1/ Move step by step!

It is essential to encourage people to move around regularly during the day. Physiotherapists advise mobilizing the spine as much as possible to avoid the appearance of muscle tension, which is generally responsible for the famous "low back pain", "backache" or "cervical pain".

What do we mean regularly? Ideally, take 2-3 minutes every hour to practice a few simple movements. Also take 10 to 15 minutes each day to achieve longer, fuller sessions.

What companies can set up for their employees:

Organizing “movement breaks” during the work day. That should mean actually scheduling it into their daily schedule (notifications, reminders, time for it).

2/ Change position regularly

When we sit, the spine is in a global flexion position. This is not necessarily a problem. What's hard for the spine to stand is staying in this position for hours on end!

In fact, changing the position allows the spine to go from flexion ... to extension. This is a real relief for her. This is necessary to ensure good "spine health".

What does change of position mean? Simply change your sitting, standing and walking positions if possible.

What companies can set up for their employees:

Do your employees work on laptops? Get height-adjustable shelves to raise the screen. This should be at eye level when the person is standing. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the device with an external bluetooth keyboard placed at the height of the table.

Thus, a person can work standing up, the monitor is at eye level and the keyboard is also at a good height in relation to his arms and shoulders.

The cost of the adjustable tray is >20-30€

External keyboard cost>40-50€

With few means, it is possible to provide employees with real luxury.

Needless to say, ergonomic office chairs are also recommended. It costs a bit more but can be economical if it allows for statistically less absenteeism and underproduction in the company.

Finally, for video meetings and when a camera is not mandatory, encouraging employees to move their spine is excellent! It is entirely possible to be focused during physical activity.

"Now in the video... stretch your back!"

3 / The link between psychological stress and back pain has been proven

This is definitely the most important point. It has now been established that under the influence of emotional stress, the brain releases chemical messengers that act directly on the spine, causing the famous "back knot" that we know.

This phenomenon seems to explain physiologically what we perceive: stress increases back pain.

So it is not a myth.

What companies can set up for their employees:

Stop stressing them out!

More seriously, we observe it on a daily basis in physiotherapy practices when we discuss with our patients: management, poor organization of the company and human relations at work are the main causes of the emergence of pain.

Stay alert for the signs of stress your employees can send, knowing how to give an ear to negative emotions can sometimes defuse inner tension. Make your teams aware of the importance of keeping time for themselves in order to separate work time and rest time.

Finally, relaxation and breathing exercises, especially nowadays, are very good tools for relieving stress.

4 / Encouraging employees to continue to exercise

Gyms were closed and many of their physical activity decreased significantly during the week. Unfortunately, this weakens the body and makes it more susceptible to pain.

What companies can set up for their employees:

Show example!

Set aside time slots in their schedule for short gym sessions from home.

In fact, with just 15 minutes a day, it is possible to significantly enhance your health and fend off pain.

5/ Don't wait until it hurts to work

In fact, back pain that is treated early is more likely to go away quickly. This is why the precautionary aspect seems obvious to us.

What companies can set up for their employees:

Encourage employees to practice simple movements at home during work hours. What movements? Here is an example in this video.


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